Match-ups system? Is it even possible?

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It might be rather foolish, but - is it possible to systematize good and bad match-ups for each deck? I thought that it can be in some accordance with recent theoretical threads like "Consistency Vs. Variance".

The thing is that it isn't quite clear sometimes - not in the broad terms "fast aggro vs slow control". PI has troubles with any flyers and, for instance, Phyrexian Obliterator. ED is quite vulnerable to CW and DP with their bouncing. It may sound quite naive for pros, but I just would like to hear some experts opinions, if you wouldn't mind) Preferably in tabular style)
Funny you bring up PI and Obliterator.
Last night a guy attacted with a Obstinate while I had an Obliterator.
I figured people would have been over that by now.

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Mastergear_Owen's take on Magic 2014 Campaign.

You know what I've got more issues. Whats up with the story in this game? The adverts said I was going to team up with Chandra and we were going to kick butt and chew bubblegum across the planes on a revenge campaign against some... guy she knew I guess? Who's Ramaz anyway? What do I get instead? I beat Chandra like 2 minutes in with a mono-green stompy thing Garruk gave me (why does he keep giving all these new planeswalkers his deck) and then I spent like 5 hours jumping from plane to plane picking up random nicknacks for her mantlepiece while she sits back back doing her nails or something. I was thrown in jail! I got hit by a Roil Storm twice! Do you know how many rats are on Ravnica, Chandra? All of them! All of the rats! All of the rats eating me!

Then we go kick her Ex's bearded-screaming-butt and what does she do to help? Nothing! She throws of the occasional fire ball and spends her time trying not to freeze to death. You should have worn pants Chandra. While we're on the subject what happened to your shoes? You had like Steelies on. Steelies are cool. Now your running around with stupid boots with like 5-inch heels? Thats not appropriate footware for Planeswalking! That's not appropriate footware for normal walking! At least Liliana is doing it for the whole 'evil is sexy' thing and can summon undead to carry her when she breaks her ankle. What are you going to do ride a Phoenix? Its made of fire! You'll fall right through! Man I should have gone Planeswalking with Liliana - yeah she'd crack my head open with a rock 5 minutes in and raise my corpse to serve her but at least we could have gone dancing!

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No they still do it. I had a guy pump a shade to 9/9 and attack into obliterator. Lost all but 1 land.

To the OP. It is very build dependent but could be very interesting to see people's thoughts.
I created the thread a while ago about build types for each deck. There was quite impressive classification made by CrazyToast. I think that it might be the base for it... I can make smth myself, but I'm a relative newbie and it can be rather primitive.

For example.

Dream Puppets – Celestial Light

Mill – Life matters
Advantages – defensive style, wrong resource to increase
Disadvantages – Elixir of Immortality

Control – Life matters
Advantages – defensive style
Disadvantages – relatively low power of DP creatures, lack of useful creatures to steal, Elixir (which can “null” the Phantoms power)

Mill – Midrange
Advantages – relatively low power of CL creatures (except rapidly growing Ajani's Pridemate)
Disadvantages – Pridemates can be pumped quite easily and Elixir is still there

Control – Midrange
Advantages – Stealing of creatures can provide life and conditions for necessary stalling
Disadvantages – It (using of CL creatures for life increasing) isn’t so effective for DP as for CL (because of synergy, for instance) and Elixir is still bloody in place

Am I right?

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