Forging The Realms: What’s He Got in His Wagons?

Great article, I love Ed's descriptions and choices for those kind of peices. Even if he didn't create the Realms he would still be one of my favorite writers. Perfectly tinted windows looking onto amazing places. Thanks for posting this, I wouldnt have found it otherwise. Printed up a copy and stuck it in my world folder already =-)

Does he have a part 2 where he talks about different types of baskets? In every old farm I've poked through there’s a bunch of baskets, many different shapes and thicknesses and materials. Wood strapping, vines, reeds, rattan and wicker or rope; some with straps to go over a shoulder and some with handles, hinged lids and wooden covers, open or baglike. 

Also clay; Jugs, pots, amphora, and the like. some items needed something a bit smoother than wooden barrels. 

Its also important to note that only the best coopers made wet kegs, most kegs, casks, and barrels were for dry storage. Nails, apples, nuts, odd shaped pieces of wood or perhaps ingots to be worked on a forge. 

And what about different materials for sacks! leather, hemp for a loose and airy bag that could be very strong, flax, cotton?, wool, linen...Oh I feel one of those pointless , i.e. full of material that the party will only hear the smallest fraction of, world building sessions coming on! 


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