12/31/2012 Feature: "Gatecrach Mechanics"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's "Gatecrash Mechanics", which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Liking Call of the Nightwing.  I can't wait to see what the other cipher cards are.
wow...  Burning-Tree Emissary seems like it might lead to some rediculous things, and is easily the best preview here.
I want to like Call of the Nightwing, but something is holding me back. Yes, its ability to encode the creature it creates is cute, but with a cmc of 4, and the presence of things like invisible stalker, you've probably already lost the game if your doing that.

The rest seems fair to me.
I'm still holding out hope for a bloodrush double-strike creature at rare.
Call of the Nightwing.


Just compare that to Entreat the Angels or Lingering Souls.
It has to be encoded on a creature that hit an opponent for 2-3 turns to give you your mana's worth of value.

Overcosted card even if it was instant speed / underpowered creature token without deathtouch or anything.

HECK -- compare it to Geist of Saint Traft; A hexproof creature that already has a 4/4 flyer encoded on it, and that encoding doesn't go away when you reanimate it.

So much lost potential.
Good enough in limited I guess.


Murder investigation, on the other hand, is just a godsend for token decks.
As if they needed another miracle on top of Geist and Entreat which combos perfectly with Murder Investigation.

I guess I'll be playing blue and white then, not blue and black.
Is it just me, or is Burning-Tree Emissary a bit spooky. It feels like Urza's Free mechanic except not busted open quite as much.
I just love the art on Burning-Tree Emissary. She feels powerful but understated, dignified but defiant.
She looks as awkward as a super Goth chick walking through the uptown mall.


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