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I has a silly question...If I make a rogue can I learn any powers from any of his builds?


I make a brawny rogue ,and I want to have some powers from the Cuthroath rogue..it is possible to mix it during my rogue career?
Like at lvl 3 I take a Daily power from the brawny rogue and at lvl 7 I take a power from the cuthroat build...It would be nice to know if I can or not :P

ty in advance xD
thx :D
The build options are bad and should be entirely ignored.
Using "Brawny Rogue" as an Example, the only things that build gets right are the At-Will powers and only 2 of the 4 Skill choices (Athletics, Intimidate)

Typically, when referring to a Character Build, the relevant terms are going to be Weapon and whatever Class Feature you choose that will give you riders on powers. For a Rogue, you'd have something like a Brutal Dagger Rogue, or Cunning Sneak Xbow Rogue.
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Even worse the WIS based cleric build tells you to make STR a tertiary stat choice and then tells you to take a STR based encounter power.

The Swarm druid build tells you to take the at will, encounter and dailly powers that are improved by being a swarm druid- "Egad Holms, how do you do it"
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