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Hi, I'm a new player who has always wanted to get into D & D. I just bought the "Wrath of Ashardalon" and although I havent played it yet, it sounds amazing. I am a little overwhelmed as it is so technical. Can someone explain to me exactly how a typical attack works, with reference to the hero & monster cards numbers, like the HP and so forth?     Do you just roll the dice, add the attack bonus (on your card?) the dice number, & then see if its a hit? And if so, how do you know how much damage to deduct from the monster?, adn where is that information recorded so it can be looked upon later on?     Thanks for any help, & sorry for the crazy question, just it was so much info to try to take in. With a job & 3 kids my time is limited lol.
best thing to do would be to read the player's handbook.   All of your questions will be answered in detail with examples etc.  It would be a lot better for you.
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oh is that right ?  Well, maybe you're right but most of the questions he asked can be answered by reading that book.  But who knows, i've never played that game either.
"Non nobis Domine Sed nomini tuo da gloriam" "I wish for death not because I want to die, but because I seek the war eternal"


Not to be snotty or anything, but Wrath of Ashardalon won't teach you how to play D&D, really.  It's a board game loosely based on D&D and from what I understand it only shares a few basic concepts with 4th edition D&D.  I don't know enough about the specifics of that board game to answer your specific questions though.  And this isn't really the forum to discuss that game - this is for 4th Edition D&D rules questions.

If you want to discuss the board games, use this forum:

But if you want to get into D&D, get the Player's Handbook (hardcover) or Heroes of the Fallen Lands (softcover) books and they will teach you the basics you need to know.  Then you can go on from there with other books if you wish.

Wrath of Ashardalon sounds fun though, I wouldn't mind playing it as a one shot once in while when the usual gaming group wants to take a little break from our campaign.

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we have played Wrath of A - and like it.
You roll D20 add your attack bonus (maybe 4 or more depending)  if you equal or acced the monsters AC (eg 14 more or less ) you hit. One hit kills most monsters. ( i think there are some that need two hits - use markers porovided). chars have HP - - monsters do 1, 2 or 3 damage as as noted on their chards to the char - - - -chars have various healing powers  - like surges to recover HP . As i recall the party could use 2 surges amonstt them in a "standard" senario. The idea being to complete the senario objective before all party memebers ran out of HP. The senarios form an over arching story  - BUT the chars have to start from scrath each time.
Note also start with one piece of magic equipment at tthe time. Get a reward card each time you kill a monster (which may well be a magic item or a temporary buff etc). You can turn in xp of dead monsters to cancel enemy cards. eg card would immobilize all charas on the drawers tile - - and that is more than one char - you may well pay 4 xp of dead monsters to cancel that card.
Unfortunately - one person really need to sit down with the rules.
[size=12px]Hey, thanks to all. Yea, I had no idea what to buy, and the fact that this game (Ashardalon) had everything in one to play it, plus pieces, like the tiles, & a beginners solo adventure, I thought it would be great choice. Turns out it was, now that I understand more from reading the rulebook a few times over, it sounds very exciting & interactive. For now, I like the idea that the adventures are self contained, yet still very interactive. I think that all the many pieces add to the fantasy of the game also. One more thing, in reference to Martins attack example, say you hit, the damage you inflict, that is stated in the "monsters card?" So, in other words, if you roll and hit, do you reference the monsters card to see how many HP to deduct from his overall HP level?, or do you reference your hero card where it says "Damage 10" or whatever, and then deduct 10 HP from the monsters HP level?
This is really getting into questions that should be in the board game fourum.

Have not read the board game at all but in theory the monster catd should explain how much damage it dose when it hits and how much damage it can take before it dies. The hero card should say how much damage it dose when it hits and how much damage it can take before it dies.

If you did not know there is a Ranenloft castle of the vampire Strahd that uses the same rule and you can mix and match alot of it like using the vampire slayer hero against the dragon and the dragon slayer against the vampire.
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This is really getting into questions that should be in the board game fourum.

It was submitted to VCL already.

Monsters are either one HP or 2 HP - each time a char hits - your poweer says how much you do - -  Boss monsters have many more HJP- - char can have powers that do 4 HP a hit (dailies normally). Rach time a char is hit (char have many more HP than monsters) usuall take one HP - some monsters do more as noted on there cards
Guys listen, thanx to all that took their time to answer here. Again im very new to all this, so my apologies if im in wrong section & askin crazy questions.
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