Tales from Krynn: The tears of Mishakal

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-          Tales from Krynn – preface



The following could be called fan-fiction  - not hard Dragonlance lore. As far as I know, there is nothing in the books to contradict this, but since I have stopped reading the Dragonlance books long ago I can’t be sure. I invented and used this tale as part of my 2ed Dragonlance campaign – whether it is true or not is up to the DM. I hope, you enjoy it:




-          The tears of Mishakal –




One of the oldest and most fascinating tales that is told especially in times of war and plagues is about healing:




In the first age of Krynn, when the gods were still young, mighty creatures ruled: The dragons and the giants – also called high ogre or Irda. In the woods, the first fairies and elves just awakened and Reorx still forged the first dwarves from the roots of the mountains.




Even at this time the gods had formed a pact not to enter Krynn themselves but to act through envoys and miracles. The envoy of the dark goddess Takhisis was the mighty “Wyrmfather”, who often returned to the Abyss to mate with his mistress, by this steadily enlarging the legion of dragons. And those first dragons were mighty creatures – todays dragons are in comparison with them only as mighty as a man compared to an Irda.




So with time, the balance leaned in favor of Takhisis.




The agents of the good gods were the twin sons of Paladin and Mishakal, Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, today themselves the gods of war and the forests.




To break the power of the dragons, the elder of the twins, Kiri-Jolith, volunteered to challenge the Wyrmfather himself. His brother Habbakuk lured with a ruse the army of dragons guarding the gate to hell on his track. When the dark spawns were out of the way, Kiri-Jolith attacked the Wyrmfather. The following battle lasted the whole day and is often called the first cataclysm: While the fight of the titans raged in the sky, it rained fire and blood – the air was sizzling with magic that discharged in mighty thunderstorms, the earth was trembling and the sea started to boil. For a long time, neither demigod nor dragon could gain a significant advantage – the pendulum once leaned to one then to the other side. Both opponents were well protected from spells or breath-weapons so that they soon used their magic only to support their physical attacks. Kiri-Jolith slashed with his mighty sword on the nearly impenetrable armor of the Wyrmfather that sparks and scales flew. The Wyrmfather fought with teeth and claws – again and again he succeeded in penetrating the magical armor of the demigod so that Kiri-Jolith had to defend himself more and more with speed and magic. The battle raged hour for hour until both opponents were red from blood and the angry attacks slowed down more and more.   




Finally when the day tended to its end, Kiri-Jolith succeeded in blinding his opponent with his magic and with a self-sacrifice wrestle him down and chain him with the magical chain from Reorx’s smithy to the bedrock and with his last magical force dropped a mountain on top of him.




Then Kiri-Jolith sank down – his magical armor torn, his body covered with dire wounds that no mortal could have survived. The warrior was broken – the energy binding him to this plane was dwindling rapidly and the shadow of death was upon him.




As now the goddess Mishakal full of pride and sorrow gazed down from the heavens on her beloved son, she started to cry bitterly in face of his condition and her tears fell like rain on the earth and on her son. And since Mishakal is the goddess of healing, Kiri-Jolith wounds began to heal were the tears touched them.




(Some tales report, the Wyrmfather bit of Kiri-Jolith’s arm directly at the shoulder, when he was chained by him. And that the tears could close the grievous wound, but couldn’t regrow the arm because the wound was burned by Wyrmfathers fire and because of this the “Silver Arm of Ergoth” was forged for Kiri-Jolith. Kiri-Jolith is said to have left behind this arm when he was made a full god and ascended to heaven.)




It is said, that the other tears gathered at the base of a small valley and formed a little pond. The water of this well is said to heal every disease and every wound – more effective than any spell or any potion.




Many knights and priests went searching in the course of the centuries and millennia after this healing-well. It is said to be somewhere in Ergoth – probably south Ergoth high in the mountains, not far from the mountain under which the Wyrmfather was bound in a small, circular rocky valley basin. The vegetation in the near surrounding is said to be unusually rich for the landscape, the bushes and trees blossom and bear fruit throughout the whole year and even droughts or serve winters can’t harm them.


Panartias, ladies-man and Jack of all trades about his professions:

"Once, I was a fighter -

to conquer the heart of a beautiful lady.

Then I became a thief -

- to steal myself a kiss from her lips.

And finally, I became a mage -

- to enchant her face with a smile."