12/20/2012 Feature: "Commander"

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This thread is for discussion of the feature article "Commander", which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
One issue I'm having with Commander in the Beta Client is that the command zone appears as a part of the battlefield.  It's impossible to tell a difference between a commander in the CZ and in play.  I've asked an ORC and sent in two feedback surveys (closed and wide beta) and haven't heard anything from any source.  Is there an option I'm missing, or has it been fixed in the last few weeks?  I just can't see how it wasn't an issue when being playtested.
Why not put it in the same section of the exile/revealed/shield zones? like another section perhaps?...
1-on-1 Commander is also not possible in the Beta client. Only multiplayer. Please fix that.
I was hoping this article would be talking about planned fixes to commander in the Beta (Not so bothered about 1-on-1 not being included, Commander is all about multiplayer!).

Not only is the non-existant 'command zone' a pain, but with all multiplayer in the beta, it's notoriously tricky to determine who is attacking who just by looking at the playing field. You really need to keep an eye on the log, and even then any defender using fast effects during 'declare attackers' can mis-target if there's mulitple permanents with the same name attacking different targets - always annoying. 
So, no official word from WOTC on this one?  A simple "it's noted and being worked on" would suffice
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