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I have a human reanimator deck that i plan on taking to my first fnm and want to know what everyone thinks. 

Anyone able to help?
Still could use some help.
Human reanimator just won a major tournament (a grand prix). Depending on your budget, that seems a good place to start. Also, you dont list your sideboard or your metagame. Anyways it should be easy to find the winning list online. I know advice of: go netdeck may not seem helpful, but it is the best place for you to get a competitive list, especially for a new player.
I'd definitely add a few Huntmasters
Its missing a sac outlet to go infinite.  falkenrath aristocrat would be the ideal one.  disciple of griselbrand gets to come back from the graveyard with the angel hitting play but can't go infinite.  Just get as much value as you can with this combo.
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