Some Cards Built Around Shuffle Effects

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I'm expecting to hear "this will slow down the game too much" along with these names are terrible, that's fine but I'm looking for other feedback as well. 

Casino Dealer u
Creature- Human Wizard [C]
Whenever you shuffle your library put a +1/+1 counter on Casino Dealer.

Loyal Canary 2u
Creature- Bird [u]
When Loyal Canary is put into a graveyard from anywhere, its owner shuffles Loyal Canary into his or her library.

Stop and Scramble 1uu
Instant [C]
Counter target spell. Shuffle your library.

Casino Trick 1uu
Instant [u]
Draw two cards. Shuffle your library.

Divine Discombobulation 1wu
Enchantment [u]
Whenever you shuffle your library you may gain 3 life.

Disorganization And Disturbance 1ub
Enchantment [u]
Whenever you shuffle your library each opponent loses 1 life.

Organization Finale 1uu
Enchantment [R]
Whenever you shuffle your deck put a derangement counter on Organization Finale. If Organization Finale has 20 or more derangement counters at the beginning of your upkeep, you win the game.
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ignoring the timing issue, these seem fine, but I worry things like Divine Discombobulation and Casino Dealer will be too easy to abuse. it's not hard to shuffle your library. it's just you don't see it a lot a) because it's avoided where possible, and b) there's no linear advantage to it, so you don't see collections of shuffling cards in decks. if you start rewarding it too much, suddenly those decks start coming together, and your 1-drop can become pretty massive pretty quickly.

Loyal Canary is probably my favorite, but should either cost or be a 2/1. strictly-bettering wind drake is a fine line, and one to be careful of.


120.6. Some effects replace card draws.


why are you here when NGA exists and is just better

Existing cards that care about shuffling only care about your opponent's library, because shuffling your own library again and again isn't difficult and drastically increases the length of the game in very boring ways.. Shuffling isn't your problem here, it's that your cards reward you for shuffling your ~own~ library!
casino dealer seems quite strong to me, especially in a format with fetches and ponder.
That's why cards like Cosi's Trickster were perfectly fine, while this version causes problems..