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I control Karmic Justice and my opponent's 2/2 creature with Mind Control attached to it. My opponent casts Wrath of God. Does Karmic Justice's ability trigger when the 2/2 creature dies?
Yes, Karmic Justice's ability will trigger.

Wait, no "non-creature."

The 2/2 will be destroyed, but Mind Control just goes to the graveyard since it's not attached to anything. It's not "destroyed" and Karmic Justice won't care about it.
Wrath of God isn't destroying a noncreature permanent you control, so no.

303.4c If an Aura is enchanting an illegal object or player as defined by its enchant ability and other applicable effects, the object it was attached to no longer exists, or the player it was attached to has left the game, the Aura is put into its owner’s graveyard. (This is a state-based action. See rule 704.)

Moving to the graveyard from SBAs are not destruction.
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