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What kind of characters could be made from these kind of stats? Any race and/or class. Any edition D&D. I would prefer any suggestions to be actual D&D matieral, but if the stats make you think of something from another rpg, that's fine too.

High         Int
High         Dex
Average   Con
Average   Wis
Low         Cha
Average   Str


Average   Int
Average   Dex
High         Con
High         Wis
Average   Cha
High         Str
Where do you even plan on 'playing' these 'characters'?

If it's in D&D, then the non-D&D material won't be found here, as you're in the D&D forums, as we've already pointed out on your other thread.
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28.) Making a "Drunken Master" style character (Monk or otherwise) does not require my character to be completely shitfaced, no matter what the name (and fun interpretation) implies.
29.) Making a "Drunken Master" style character does not require ME to be completely tanked, no matter how "in-character" I want to be..
At first glance, the first set is a mastermind-type rogue and the second set fits cleric

1) Wizard, as their most important stat is INT with DEX as a close second (they can't wear lots of armor, making other methods of increasing AC more important).

2) Paladin, although I would recommend increasing CHA before much else (determines their attack bonus on Smite Evil)

Though Rogue (1) and Cleric (2) could also work

3) Did you really assign ability scores without a plan for what to do with them?

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