Custom Playtest Dungeon - Hall of Bells

So I'm about to run the final session of my 5th Edition playtest campaign before we break for Christmas. The heroes are going to make their first trek to the dangerous second level of the dungeon, going after a mummy named Queen Teera in the Hall of Bells. I was putting in all the design work for this, so I figured I'd put it all together in a PDF for others to play as well.

**EDIT** Updated - December 31, 2012

It's an old tomb complex filled with these strange wells, which lead to a network of tunnels that undercut the place, and each well has a collection of metal bells hanging suspended. The bells act like dinner bells, drawing ravenous custom monsters called crypt spiders, who seek to devour any who stray into those underground tunnels. But the tunnels are the only way to access certain areas, and can also be used to bypass other encounters. Clever players could even use the bells to distract the spiders while they slip through other parts of the tunnels. Or to dispose of a rival adventuring group...

If you get a chance to play it, let me know what you think! I'll be posting about it after tonight's session in my campaign thread.
You did a really great job with the cartography!
You did a really great job with the cartography!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!  I was inspired to do it up in that style after reading this tutorial on ENWorld.  I was really pleased with the results, and so far, it's been a hit at the table.

Mind you, for my session, we only reached the South Cells on the map.  The early session stuff took more time than I expected, and we had to make a character for a drop-in player.
I just updated this adventure; if anyone took a look earlier, you may find this one a little more challenging.  The new playtest package has much larger experience budgets, which the early encounters don't reflect well.  That has changed.

I've also included some additional material at the end, including a rival adventuring party who can throw a wrench into things.

I just grabbed this to look, and I do not see the adv part mentioned, so I wonder if the PDF is not updated?  Mine is 8 pages, ends with your spider and the map.

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I really dig the adventure man. I'm a little worried about the over use of skeletons and zombies, but with the limited bestiary at this point I totally understand. This is actually a pretty neat little adventure you've got here. I glossed over it atm, since I'm at work. I'll try and get some actual, in depth critique later.

I, for one, am all for more custom content on these boards Great job and keep on keeping on!
My two copper.
BTW, I see the issue, your text is "" but the URL is ""

If you take the text and drop it into a browser, it then grabs the correct file.

Note: your update has no map.

OK, so I plan to run this tomorrow.  I've got a captive audience and this looks good.
I prefer adventures where the monsters make sense, i.e. no random creature happily living with something else.  The only thing *I* removed was the Otyugh

Now, personal comment, all goodness aside, the font is horrendous for reading (my opinion).  I threw it all into Word.

However, everyone is a critic, so my personal issues aside, nice work.

"The turning of the tide always begins with one soldier's decision to head back into the fray"

Thanks for the feedback guys.  I did accidentally lose the map while formatting the adventure, so I've updated the link to include it.

As for the link, I was trying to get the url tags to work so I could just post a link to the map rather than the actual url.  I've changed the url so things should work correctly.

Phobos: please let me know how it goes!  My group will also be running through this tomorrow.  
 I liked you map. Just had a quick glance at everything and I'll try and playtest it at some point in the near future.

 Fear is the Mind Killer

 Fear is the Mind Killer  

Nicely done!

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So in the end, over the course of two sessions, my PCs made their way through and killed Queen Teera.  They wound up being betrayed by Pohtep and his band at the same time, AND the Behir tried to snatch and grab someone near the well.  It proved an exciting fight, but they were forced to retreat instead of breaching the treasure chamber.  They'll likely return for the loot next time.

I was thrilled with how things worked out, though.

Has anyone else played this?