New Playtest Adventure: Mud Sorcerer's Tomb

What do you think of the new Playtest Adventure: Mud Sorcerer's Tomb ?

I found it was a good classic dungeon crawl filled with interesting elements such as handouts and clues. Nifty cursed items too...

If you run it, let us know how it played out!
We found the traps pretty easy to avoid. We've got a bunch of experienced gamers confronted with things like "If you touch the statue...", "If you touch the tears..." or "If you sit in the statue's hand..." Is this what 14th level parties normally do? Maybe it's because my guys tend to be more purpose-driven that they don't spend a lot of time "dry-humping everything in the dungeon" (as one player put it during our post-game analysis).

If I was going to run this adventure again for my group, I'd have to rearrange a few things. The worst headache they had was the stone golems. Everything else was fairly par for the course except for traps which, as I said, were pretty easy to avoid. The illusions might have worked if the guys had been less observant and not gotten some good die rolls.

How did your party cope with the Giant Mummy encounter? Mine dealt with it by being perma-despaired and dying. 

Oil and fire (two things they bring plenty of), then retreat to room 3. Yeah, they didn't get handout #3 as it went up in smoke faster than a joint held by Cheech & Chong, but they figured it out.
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