Soul Tithe on a Ghoultree

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I've looked through various threads for this but haven't seen it, here's the question:

If Soul Tithe enchants a Ghoultree, would the Ghoultree's controller be paying the full converted mana cost to keep it on the field, or would it use its casting ability to determine converted mana cost?  
[c]Soul Tithe[/c] => Soul Tithe

the converted manacost is what is printed in the top right corner
it will not change by "discounts"
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For Soul Tithe you must pay the full amount of the converted mana cost .  How the Ghoultree got to the battlefield is irrelevant.

Soul Tithe

Converted Mana Cost
The total amount of mana in a mana cost, regardless of color. See rule 202.3.

Controller of Ghoultree will have to pay 8 mana since that's the CMC.
Thats what I thought, just wanted to make sure.  Thanks for the confirmation on that.
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