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I've been away from the game for abit and came back and saw that some things have and may have changed.
So here's my question, can my + 2 lightning dagger still change my Sorcerer's Acid Orb keyword and damage to lightning when i use it as an implement.
Also how does the Storm Sovereign feature Cyclone's Master work (only included what mattered)
Cyclone's Master (30th level):  Whenever you deal damage with an attack, you can choose to have the attack deal lightning or thunder damage instead of its normal damage...

Now I know from PHB3 if a damage energy type changes so does the keyword, if I changed an area power's damage from fire to thunder using cyclone's master could i gain the benefit of Resounding Thunder and Tempest Magic.

Yes, it can.  Technically the Flaming Weapon enchant got changed to only change untyped damage, but none of the rest did.  Lightning Weapon still works just fine.  Most DMs tend to ignore the change to Flaming Weapon, though, because it was hardly overpowered - other typechange enchants are far stronger, and they didn't get changed.

Yes, you change the keywords when you change damage types.  Everything that is affected by type uses the new type.
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One special case to bring up that Mand neglected to mention.  If power has the Poison keyword and applies an additional effect (slow, immoblize, etc) in addition to damage, it keeps the Poison keyword even you change the damage type to something else.

So, for example, you were to use Baleful Gaze of the Basilisk, and change the ongoing damage to Lightning, the power would gain the Lightning keyword and keep the Poison keyword because the target is also stunned.  However, if you use Wyrmblight, the power loses the Fire and Poison keywords and simply does Lightning damage because there is no effect other than damage.
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