Report : 16-12-2012 session 15:00 – 19:15 (short session)

Report : 16-12-2012 session  15:00 – 19:15 (short session)

group : Human rogue (me) skill specialist/charlatan (own scheme), Human mage noble/arcane specialist (battle magic) , Dwarf warrior soldier/survival specialist (protector), Human cleric priest/divine specialist (our last member joined the session)

Nothing new for what concerns out of combat, see previous reports

For which concerns the combat

We tested a “this fight should mathematically make you lose”

Lvl 5 group vs 4 x trolls lv 6 (one with improved ac +4 due to armor)

The aim was to recruit these trolls, as their alignment was changed into “chaotic good”

We prevented the wipe stating that we didn’t want to kill them (and they just wanted to fight for fun, as their chaotic good nature suggest), so nobody would’ve killed each other in the end.

We NERFED OURSELVES in this fight, stating the rule that “if you go down you leave the combat” (so no perma 1hp heal for us, while their regen/standup could be easily bypassed by our at will burning hands we didn’t use in order not to kill them)

Recap of the fight:

We focused 1 troll a time, leaving boss last.

We quite got 1 troll, while another one luckily shotted our cleric (20, 20, 18 rolls, we predicted average damage he could take and we thought he was in “safe zone”, and this crushed our plans a bit), and so we kept the fight in 3 (rule was not to get up players)

We got down 3 trolls in 3, managing parry and protect (and using one 16hp potion), even if their rolls were, average, straight better then our ones.

The boss remained vs warrior and mage, and without burning hands he couldn’t go down, so he won.

Not to mention, even with these conditions (lucky rolls by the mobs, nerfed duel rules), we would’ve surely won if our warrior didn’t miss the latest FIVE attack rolls (in 5 rolls no score above 6).

END CONSIDERATIONS: if we could fight at our best, this full lv 6 fight (over that, as one of the trolls was pumped up with ac) would’ve been easy as butter: perma burning hands, perma 1hp heal (we just had to get up the cleric, easy stuff). This confirms the fact that mobs are totally weak.


Nothing really new, just mobs need a real revamp from the boot.