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As you all know the traditional "card shop / role playing game shop" is struggling. Places that have space for you to play like this are having trouble keeping the doors open and are more often dropping the D&D tables and events and going to MTG and other products to keep the doors open. Lets face it, D&D the way it has been sold to us in the past is the beloved loss leader of the WoTC line. As a player trying to find a group...and keep the group together to play traditional table top games is more and more difficult. We resort to craigslist and wizard forums looking for anybody at all to play arguable the best most customizable true to the core roleplaying game in history. 

So, what i want to do is poll the community for helpful feedback on a concept.

My friend and i came up with this idea of a D&D shop where we would hire DM's / most likely just us to start with, to run a ongoing campaign where anybody off the street can come in pay a few dollars and have staff help them with a character and the dm will weave them into one of the party's.

the idea is to charge enough money to keep the doors open so we can give people a place to play, and not have to dm or root out enough people for a party...and for those brave enough to try it out they have  place to go watch and check it out. 

what we want to do is using the WoW concept of micro transactions, have ways to purchase in game items, unlocks, yada yada...we will keep track of your character for you, we will handle the rules arguements for you, etc..We will also have a very expansive ongoing campaign where you can do very interesting things like open up a shop in NAME THIS CITY and sell items there to other players and get really heavy into the role playing part of the game while still allowing you to dungeon crawl. Obviously all the "clan" "guild" things we are used to in games like call of duty and wow will be incorporated and you can start one join one, whatever you like...i havent worked out all the details yet but in the begining the shop would be open from around 6-1am in northeast ohio.

The only thing im really asking here is: Does this sound appealing to you and would you go to a place like this should it open in your area. I need to get some data from you guys to see if this is a plausible idea before we try to get a small business loan and throw our lives away, lol! 
Personally I think its a great idea in some ways but in other ways I think you need more in terms of what you could do. I don't think just running DnD will be profitable. You need more than just that to sell. I think more of a gaming basement will be better such as offer MTG, DnD, and other games as well. You should sell stuff as well and have room for internet use as well. Basically, it needs to be the gamer's hang out place. If you just have hire the DM then it probably will struggle. But if you have multiple rooms and such then you could have more going on. 
You have to ask yourself why DnD is struggling.  I'm not convinced it's the game as much as the genre.  I just think that with the young folks coming up, stuff like MtG is just easier to master and more accessible, not to mention a lower start up cost (although once they hook you into the card arms race, it's game over).  One other thing, MtG is competitive rather then cooperative, and I think that appeals to many people.
Those are all very good points..another reason dnd is struggling is it requires a group rather than you and one other person. That along with dnd being really cheap...i mean if one person you know has some books all you need to do is print a free character sheet and off you for every 5 people you sell one set of books....mtg youll sell 5 copies of each card, lol. 

When i had this idea in mind i was thinking of buying like a abandoned warehouse...ton of floor space, so the "gaming basement" idea from xladyfayre would fit right in. MTG is kind of how most shops stay open, so it seems like that would be a must - i just dont want the dnd portion to end up as an aside like all the other shops. If i did do mtg...which is most likely....I would make a point to run the "popular" yet never sanctioned tournament formats...modern is popular but there isnt a single shop within 100 miles of me that runs modern tournaments. Two headed giant can be the most fun youve ever i would run those as well. i suppose i would have to do legacy, but thats a pricey unfair tournament and i would have to allow a certain amount of proxies....other than star city its pretty hard to find people running these formats...and two headed giant just isnt run, but i bet if you give it a few months and post that there is a tourney every X day of the week people will start showing up for it...especially if the payout is really good.