Executioner poisons & Rappid Assult/Dirty Fighting feats help

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I'm new to strikers and want to take a shot at playing an Executioner. I'll be starting at lvl 7 and so far have chosen to be a Vryloka Red Scale Executioner Alchemist that is MC in Rogue for the sneak attack + garrote.

I took Silent Stalker & Vanish. I'll be using garrote/ rapier+dagger.
So I figure I will try to always stealth/hide/Silent Stalker/suprised/combat advantage/Garrote Strangle+Sneak Attack+Assassin's Strike+Attack Finesse+Nitharit poison as my opener.

Then can I use Vanish to go teleport and hide again with stealth/hide/Silent Stalker/suprised/combat advantage/Garrote Strangle+Attack Finesse+Bloodroot Poison.

 1) Are the poisons daily uses or can you keep re-applying them for each encounter? Is the Bloodroot poison completely expended after 1 hit? What are the rules for executioners and thier poisons - it doesn't really say in Character builder.

 2) If I take Rappid Assult feat do I get the +2 to melee damage rolls for each of Garrote Strangle+Sneak Attack+Assassin's Strike+Attack Finesse? 

 3) What about Dirty Fighting - do I get +4 with all those 4?
1: Executioner poisons are dailies.  If they say they're single-hit, they are.  There are a mix of single-hit, entire-encounter, and stand-alone ones.

2: No.  All that is one damage roll.  Extra damage does not add extra damage ROLLS it adds to existing ones in a similar way to bonuses.

3: Same answer.

Those are not good feats, incidentally.
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Spaceinvader is right on all accounts.

If you want some help looking at what you should be doing making an effective Executioner, go read the handbook in CharOp. 
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