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if tl;dr, skip ahead to "Important Bit".

I am playing a Thaneborn Barbarian in a placescape where we are 2 levels from hitting epic, so i'm planning my epic destiny ahead. There are very few intersting EDs (I don't like Demigod, most boring ED ever) so what I want to do is find something interesting. Here comes Pyreen.

Pyreen has 2 features that especially catch my interest, both part of Child of All Races. Rerolling all diplomacy and insight checks is fine, as he is CHA based so 2 rolls to diplomacy works well. However the 2nd part of the feature states:

Child of All Races (21st level): You speak Supernal, and you can speak and understand all languages. Whenever you make a Diplomacy check or an Insight check, you roll twice and use either result. In addition, you no longer age.

It is not limited, like Scholar, to a specific number of languages but all languages. I do in the specific campaign play in Planescape, but if that's a problem this does apply in a Dark Sun setting as well. So, you are not limited to a list of languages but all of the languages.

Important bit: In the Online Character Builder it treats this as a single language "All", but this is just a +1 bonus to insight with Traveller's insight while the Scholar theme easily gets it upwards a +10. Surely an epic destiny can do better than that. So how does this work?

Quick reference:

Traveler's Insight
Heroic Tier
Prerequisite: Trained in Insight
Benefit: You gain a feat bonus to Insight checks equal to the number of languages you know.

Scholar Level 10 Feature (10th level): You know all the languages listed in the Rules Compendium (page 69) and Player's Handbook (page 25). (At the Dungeon Master’s discretion, other languages can be added to the languages you know with this feature.) You can also attempt an Arcana check (hard DC of your level) to decipher a message written in code or protected by a magical disguise.
While the Character Builder doesn't account for this, it functions in roughly the same way that Scholar's level10 does. Except! While Scholar doesn't necessarily apply to all languages in your setting (it is up to your DM), Pyreen's dictates that you know all languages; you would know every language that exists in your setting, imo. Your DM will be able to clear this up with you (Not being very familiar with the different settings of the game, I don't actually know what exists specifically in Planescape. XD)

Of course, Scholar grants you an awesome decode ability that Pyreen doesn't get, so your DM can still reserve ciphers for hiding scripts from you in certain situations. 
This is how it intuitively seems to me too, however. The planescape universe, as i understand it, is beyond huge including entire multiverses. The Dark Sun setting, according to a quick google search, had roughly 40 languages. That would be at least an easy +40 insight.
yeah they should combine to basically always win at insight.

how powerful that is depends entirely on how often your DM has npcs lie to you. 
I do like that idea of automatically always knowing if they're lying, even if it wouldn't be used much :P