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So being a terrible artist with lots of time on my hands I like to browse the internet for art to use in my darksun game and as inspiration for adventures. Having a little bit of time I thought I would share some art that I have found that I feel has real darksun potential and what I use said art for.

Because everybody knows them and loves them lets start with the Sorcerer Kings 





Lalali-Puy (Yes I know no lions on athas, I just think the art looks great for her)



Now for some other famous NPC's that I use frequently


Kalak Alive


Kalak Dead


Sadira during the day


Sadira during the night 




Zeburon (oddly enough with an excellent Dregoth in the back ground)


what I think a preserver becoming an avangion looks like

A fantastic Piece of Darksun fan art of a dragon that I just found  
Now for some beasts that I think are cool

Great finds!
What a great collection. Thanks for sharing.
My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
Really nice! Thanks!
The Siltskimmer Page -
Very Nice Laughing
Glad you guys like them all, so here is a bunch more! I am gonna start with a bunch of fan art from one individual I found online. 


As my players have a pretty broad range in art styles that they like I tried to be open in the styles of art that I browsed through and sometimes the results of non-darksun art that felt like darksun really surprised me. Anyway here are a bunch of pieces I like.

I feel like this picture gives a great sense of the size difference between elves (whoare already very tall on athats) and half-giants ( I use the old 2nd edition size for my half-giants)
So I will admit I have tons of this stuff because I like being able to show my players a picture while I am describing something to them. So here comes even more art!

 cannot help but picture a beast headed giant with a parrot head when I see this

Great work Oninotaki and thanks for sharing, many of this artworks are very inspiring!

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Wow, so many great pieces. Awesome inspiration. Several just screamed NPC. I love the Draji Templar with the snake companion just above.
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