I'm in.

K, unlike my previous reactions, I am actually in to this one.

Things I'm on the fence about/probably need work so far:
*Low amount of prepared spells.  2 at 1st level seems a bit too limited, but that's *real* simple to mod.
*Background Traits need serious attention in light of the other features.  
*Rogue abilities: there seems to be a need for more than 3, what with a lot of 'schemes'.  

I actually now no longer mind the 3.5 skill list as the basis, because the "skills" feel more special, and Search guy is not Spot guy.  I don't know why changing it to dice makes it feel better than a fixed value, but it somehow does.  Weird.

WHat do you all like about this packet so far?

Looks good!

I'm glad they brought cantrips back, and the cleric and wizard schools look really fun and unique.

Also digging what they did with the fighter making certain manuevers a class feature and now using 'martial die'.

Really looking forward to trying this out with my players       
I really can't stand skill dice (A level 20 character can still roll as low as a 7 on a trained skill with a 20 in the associated ability) or the fact that you don't get any feats after level 9. We only get 4 feats ever? That's really unfortunate. Other than that I'm pretty happy with the changes.
I like having fewer Feats: you still get to have some customization, but you're not swamped with tons of individual special abilities at higher levels. And I'm also a fan of skill dice, for two reasons. The first is that it keeps tension in high-level play, so you don't have a highly skilled character that simply can't fail a check. And second, using dice gives an opportunity for interesting mechanics. The Rogue's Skill Mastery, for example, which allows the Rogue to be better at skills... while not changing the minimum and maximum values. Again, keeping you from getting a skilled character who can simply never fail a skill check.
The # of prepared spells is probably right, but the spells don't quite do enough damage to compete properly.

Cantrips at will make prepared spells less painful. 
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