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So i have come up with this idea for a adventure and im wondering what you guys thought and if there is anything you guys can suggest to spice it up and make it better let me know.

   ok the idea is that my players come to this little town out in the middle of nowhere and when they get into town as the sun starts going down a watch tower starts ringing and every towns person goes inside and locks up tight. So they end up being able to go to the inn and there from the inn keeper is told that the town has been getting attacked every night by a werewolf and for what ever reason the moon is always full and never changes at night.
  now the inn keeper belives someone in the town is changing into the wolf and she thinks it is this weird hunter on the outskirts of the village. So here i want to thicken the plot. The person that is changeing is the inn keeper and the hunter is currently hunting the werewolf but does not know who it is and he is is being blamed for the attacks. The innkepper is under a wizards spell which he is also the reason for the moon always being full allowing her to turn every night.

What i want to do with this is make it more of a slap in the face to find out the inn keeper is the real wolf and to make the players make the choice of killing her to stop the attacks and probly get some kinda reward or some how figureing out that the wizard is behind it then killing him and everything is good. The part im trying to figue out is how to make it more of a surprise and how to have them find out about the wizards spell. so any suggestions would be sweet guys thanks.    
In broad strokes, leading the players on for several encounters all of which point towards the hunter could work. So, over the course of say 5 battles and a couple of skill challenges, they find several pieces of evidence all of which point to the hunter as the primary suspect, but with a bit of tweaking, or when looked at in another manner, also point to the inn keeper. This would be especially effective if the players come to the conclusions themselves, rather than being told. For instance, if the "druid" notices that a lock of the werewolf's hair/fur is red, and that the hunter has a thick mane of red hair, but so does the innkeeper (although the latter detail might only have been mentioned in passing early in the story and never touched again while the PCs might encounter the hunter only after making that particular discovery). Another example might be the "ranger" noting that the tracks of the werewolf after turning back into a human show little to no stumbles/falls as the lycanthrope makes its way back home, indicating a familiarity with the area (the PCs might conclude that these tracks indicate the hunter, who would be very familiar with the layout of the land from his job, but the innkeeper would also be familiar simply due to living in the area a long time and/or gathering her own ingredients for her own special ale) . Both of these hints can point to either the hunter or innkeeper, but the circumstances should seem to indicate the hunter more heavily/ This will push the players towards suspecting him without railroading them into the decision.

As for the wizard's spell part, any arcane or primal based PCs might notice that there is a sudden influx of energy whenever the werewolf transforms, more so than what should be (reflected by a "passive" arcana check). Alternatively, perhaps something in the werewolf's behaviour gives away the influence of magic, perhaps it doesn't behave normally, hunting VERY specific targets and ignoring everything else, a werewolf that leaves all of a farmers sheep untouched would be very suspicious. Finally, the constantly full moon is alone a heavy indicator of magic.

Do these suggestions help? 
outstanding very god ideas they helped tons. that was the biggest thing slowing me down was finding a true good way of makeing the players think that the wolf could be one of 2 people then makeing them have a difficult choice.
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