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Question about this card. Daunting Defender can the ability be used more than once per turn? Meaning that more than one cleric is being damaged, does it cancel 1 on each or 1 on one cleric only? Please help.
It's a static ability, you don't "use" it, it's just always there.

It does exactly what it says - if something would damage a cleric, it deals 1 less damage instead. There's no restriction on how many times it can work or on how many things it can work.

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Meaning if a creature does 10 damage to a cleric, that card could cancel the whole 10 out?
no, just 1
it would deal 9 damage
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However, if your opponent did something like Grapeshot on a storm count of 9 targeting the Defender, each copy of the 1-damage spell is a "source" and therefore the Defender would negate all 10 damage. Fireballing for 10 would however only allow 1 damage to be negated, because it is one source.
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