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So, I'm a newbie who wanted to try some roleplaying games. To accomplish this task I went far and wide looking for people to join me. I did find many....yet, most of these people were also noobies who have never played or ran a game before. So, this leaves the group in a predicament. Currently, there are around nine or more people who want to try play.Yet, we have no Dm/gm. So, is anyone here here looking for a group? Or willing to run a mostly noobie group?  Also, though we have around nine people right now I am guessing that number will drop quite considerably once the game gets going.

Thanks for any help.
What edition are you considering? If your talking 4e or D&D next, I'm your man.Laughing I need to hone my Dming to a razor edge anyways. (And I'm on holiday.)


 My Psion for Next

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This will sound very contrived and self-serving, but I spent a lot of time designing this class - so it Psionics is your thing, please give it a quick read and your two cents.