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This thread is for discussion of the feature article "Booster Draft", which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Perhaps it has never come up in my experience of drafting online, but is there a reason that Magic Online has a 4 copy limit on nonland cards while real-world drafting does not?
I am banking on that's a mispaste. I have no verfication but I distinctly remembering running as many as 5-6 paralyzes in ME1 Draft a few years back. Also during small set draft releases I've definetly got and ran more than 4 of some cards. Has it recently changed?
While I can't say if MTGO has a 4-of rule or not, but 'general' (ie. real life) Magic doesn't. So I can't tell if the article is right and MTGO is just unique in this way, or if it's an oversight/error. Latest tournament rules:

7.1 Deck Construction Restrictions
Limited decks must contain a minimum of forty cards. There is no maximum deck size.
Players are not restricted to four of any one card in Limited tournament play.

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As it is, this article shouldn't have gone up. It seems like the mistakes are due to copy-pasting and lackluster editing, but given that you want to have a newcomer-friendly article promoting MTGO and drafting, this is painful. There are existing texts that explain drafting, its history and popularity without being confusing and downright wrong.

Successful draft decks go 3-0, not 4-0. The logic linking PT drafts and popularity is flawed. The bullet point list is wrong (no 4-of limit on MTGO or RL) and confusing ("only cards you pick through drafting" doesn't mention how adding basic lands work exactly, which is the #1 question I get from people which are new to limited). I'm not a native speaker, but "Finding Draft" does not sound very natural to me. The numbered list is not applicable to drafting (e.g., "choose your deck" and "Multiplayer"). The details don't mention how multiple sets in a block are drafted, the set order and that Gatecrash drafting is a deviation from the norm. The part about the B&R list is quite unnecessary. Last but not least, if you take the time to explain what Pro Tours are, you can't just use the abbreviation "PTQ" without at least a short explanation.

  1. Choose Game Type

  2. Choose tournament style or skill level

  3. Choose your deck (Magic Online will auto-select the correct format)

  4. Choose any additional options (such as "Multiplayer")

  5. Click Next Game in Open Play or choose your tournament from the results and join

These steps do not have anything to do with finding a Draft tournament, and they do not match the accompanying image.
Cards are banned in Ice Age draft.
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oh my god, AWESOME! Then changing the Slivers was your idea! haha lol
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Cards are banned in Ice Age draft.

There are (even now, with a few of the more egregious problems dealt with) several errors of both omission and commission in the article, but that's not one of them - there are no Alice drafts on MTGO, never have been, and almost certainly never will be.
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