Bonuses Everyone Could Be Happy With?

Sources of Bonuses.

ability modifier = ability score - 10 / 5
natural ability score such as strength 30(+4)

level modifier = level / 7.5
maximum level of a character or monster level 30(+4)

feat modifiers, trainning +1, proficiency +1, expertise +1, mastery +1 (+4)

magic modifiers from items or spell/prayer effects -4 to (+4) (this does not include magic altering ability scores which is already included in the abi mod)

situation modifiers
target is concealed -1(by terrain, invisibility, etc.)
target is long range -1
ranged target is prone -1
attacker is prone -1

target has damage condition +1(blinded, grappled, etc.)
target is climbing +1(off-balance, distracted, etc.)
target steps out of adjacent attack area +1
attacker and ally are flanking target +1

So this comprises all the possible modifiers in the game.

It means that a hit or other roll is half luck 1d20 and half skill (+20 max bonus)

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Uhmm, what?
I'm not sure where you are going with this. In fact I get the feeling it is in the opposite direction of the flatter math/less numbers to keep track of that is the direction of D&DNext.
Maybe, clarify a whole lot.
There is a lot of discussion about ability scores weighing in too much.
This solves the problem.
If we take all the possible modifiers and limit them to +20, and divide those modifiers between
ability +4
level +4
feat +4
magic item/effect +4
situation +4
maximum roll 1d20+20

..then each source of a bonus modifier must max at 4 so that all equally contribute to a modifier bonus.
If you don't want the bonuses to excede the d20 roll, which has also been a complaint..
..then this also solves that problem

If you want to make all the bonuses add up to 10 or less, then players start complaining the level gains are too low.

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1st: I dont want more ability scores that do nothing.

so abilities should be from 3 to 18 with ability modifiers from - 7 to +8 or from 6 to 14 with modifiers from -4 to +4.

I'm all for item/feat bonuses to attack/defense but it would be limited to +3 but no charity per level bonuses.

And in the end all those "skill" bonuses are doomed with d20 as you are as likely to roll average as minimum or maximum.

Without bell curve rolls, luck will (almost)always beat skill.

rolling 2d10 or 3d6 will push the balance to the side of bonuses/conditions from the luck side.

1st: I dont want more ability scores that do nothing.

Ability scores account for 1/5th of all bonuses. That's hardly nothing.
The developers really have an impossible task of trying to please everyone. They should just give up that dream.

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They should just give up that dream.

Having a reaching business model or design goal does not mean they must achieve it perfectly.

An electronics company might desire (dream, even, to use your word) to have one of their model TVs in every house in the nation. Continuing to work hard to make it so does not mean failure. Nor is it something they should stop trying to do.

They have stated their effort is to be inclusive of players of previous editions. They can strive for it. Keep it as a driving goal. Work in that direction whenever possible. Just because it may be unrealistic or impossible, to please all grognards evar, doesn't make it a worthless endeavor or an invalid dream.
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