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I think the Phantom events for new players is a great idea. With a new account, 4 new player tickets to used in the phantom sealed or phantom draft is a really great idea. However, 4 Sealed/Draft tournaments is not enough practice for newcomers.

Why not offer Phantom events for regular players at the cost of 1 or 2 tickets. It would be a nice low cost way for us new guys to hone our skills before we start dropping big money to play in regular sealed and draft events.

Playing magic competitively becomes expensive very fast. I think by offering phantom events for the regular players would net WotC more money in the long run because the more confident players are in there skills, the more money they will spend because they believe the have the skills to perform well, in most cases.

So being a new player, after the my new player tickets are gone, my skills are not even close to good enough to be dropping 25 bucks on a sealed tournament (I know you get to keep the cards you open, but usually the cards in the boosters arent worth the money you spend on them). But if I got a chance to play in a bunch of low cost phantom tournaments to get my skills up, id be more likely to play a sealed at regular price every week, versus once a month.

Just an idea from a new player Smile
Agreed, I think that this is a good idea.
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