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Ok so first off this deck is not meant for a super competive setting however i would like to get it holdings it own. I have played it a few times now at casual night and legacy night and did surpisingly well with it. But let me know what you guys think and where to improve i could use a whole sideboard advice.

4x Gravecrawler
2x Diregraf Ghoul
2x Carrion Feeder
4x Phantasmal Image
3x Walking Corpse
4x Geralf's Messenger
4x Diregraf Captain
3x Phyrexian Obliterator
4x Mana Leak
4x Bone Splinters
2x Mortarpod

Now as far as the walking corpse go if i know im going up against something non black or no artifact creatues i swap them for Highborn Ghoul I was looking at the card Spell Pierce to add for some more counter idk what itd take out tho but let me know what you guys think and help me out with a sideboard.
pithing needle is good against planeswalkers out of the sideboard or maybe something like duress

Make your bad matchups better. If you struggle against reanimator then grafdigger's cage might help you. I haven't played the deck and I can see why you've included these cards but here are the questionable inclusions. I won't say it's incorrect but why:

walking corpse - seems like a bad addition
mortarpod - you already have bone splinters and carrion feeder if you want to sacrifice creatures and I don't see why you want to sacrifice creatures. I understand it triggers diregraf captain but the only real nice part about mortarpod is gravecrawler. As good as that interaction is it's still 3 mana for every 1 damage.
Don't be too smart to have fun
bone splinters is a terrible spell...replace with a decent removal plz
walking corpse gots to go

id add 2-4 lords 
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born and Havengul Lich are a couple of really nice blue/black zombies...
dude, you're playing zombies.  If reanimator is a problem, run Cemetery Reaper.  If not that there is Vile Rebirth as a sideboard, or maybe maindeck, option.

definitely needs Dismember or something ove bone splinters.  I'd replace Walking Corpse with Black Cat and work in some Altar's Reap for some much needed draw.  I'd also recommend Festering Goblin, but you seem to have the 1 drops pretty well taken care of. 

If it were me I'd go mono-black and replace my counterspells with Duress or something.  Black doesn't need much help to pull off control on its own.
solid points here guys thanks for the input as far as the card selections walking corpse is in there for no other reason than idk a better 2cc for zombies or just in general. As far as mortar pod goes it really is only in there for me to sac something with the captian and if i wanna sac a geralfs messenger. I was probly thinking about dropping mortar pod and replaceing with 2x carrion feeders.
        I know bone splinters is not the best kill card out there im more than likely gonna swap it with Tragic Slip I was also playing with the idea of Blood Artist but i am not sure i like it in this deck.
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