Mass Effect Reapers

I have seen threads and even small pdfs of Mass Effect in Saga Edition form, but I am curious if anyone has ever created a Reaper in Saga. Or if anyone has any ideas as to how one might go about attempting too.
Take the stats of the Eclipse in SotG and add walking speed.
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Brilliant Idea
It can also depend on the Reaper.  I'd put them around Cruiser size myself for the average reaper.  Sovereign you can see crashes into a pair of 600m Turian cruisers in one, and wasn't a whole lot bigger.  500m being about the transition area into Cruiser size.. and maybe down the Eclipse-class's super laser to either 5d10x50 or 8d10x25 instead of 8d10x50 since a single shot doesn't sear entire continents.

Shields I'd use a minimum of SR 250 to represent minimal damage from capital ship weaponry.  300 might be better for an average reaper.

You know.  This would be the perfect example of a Droidified Ship.  It's a ship, and it's a droid.  Sadly it's an upgrade against the rules. 

BS Stats created off the top of my head in poor format shall follow, As a starship enemy:

Reaper   CL ??
Init +2;
Defense Ref 24 (Flat-footed 20) Fort XX; +20 Armor, Vehicular Combat
HP 2500, DR 20, SR 300; Threshold XX
Speed Fly 3 Square (Starship Scale)
Ranged  Reaper Laser +14** (see below)
Fighting Space 2x2 (starship scale); Cover Total
Base Attack +5;  Grp +XX
Abilities Str 124, Dex 18, Con -, Int 24
Sklls initiative +2, Mechanics +8, Perception +8, Pilot +2, Use Computer +8*(+13)
Crew 0 (Expert);  Passengers 20,000 troops
Cargo PLOT tons;  Consumables; PLOT years;  Carried Craft;  Do Reapers carry fighters?  I can't remember offhand.
Hyperdrive None (They use Mass Effect Relays)
*If Reaper is doing this action, use second mod.
**Apply a -20 penatly on attacks against targets smaller than Colossal(Frigate)

Reaper Laser (Pilot)
Atk +14 (-6 against targets smaller than Colossal (frigate)),
Dmg 6d10x40

It's missing a few spots I'd need to go look up stuff and calculate, but it should give you an idea of approximately what I expect a Reaper to look like.
Note: This was not built using any rules, stats were assigned on a basis of what seemed appropriate.
Big question is: do you want it to be relatively the same threat or a "realistic" crossover from the ME universe to the Star Wars universe? Because if it's the former, I guess the above stats are decent enough (I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other). On the other hand, ME technology is far behind SW technology. I'd guess that an Imp Star Destroyer could handle a reaper ship easily enough, depending on plot devices used :P
A Star Destroyer would likely eliminate a Reaper without much of an issue.  It's firepower is VASTLY superior to anything ME fields. I was not aware this was for a crossover however.  I was under the assumption it was for a converted game.
It would probably be a reaper star wars version or something, so not exactly a direct transfer as Id want the level of danger to be the same
What I created up there is likely to kill a Star Destroyer in 2 rounds since it's packing a laser doing 1320 average damage.  I believe that's about how deadly it was to Dreadnoughts in game, and one hitting the smaller ships pretty much.  That laser will take out at least half of most things health through shields.

Note: Anything frigate size hit by this will likely be vaporized.
Also Note: If you've got PCs in starfighters it's going to have a really hard time hitting them since I did not include any sort of point defense weaponry.  Heck, it's gonna have a hard time hitting a YT-1300 at anything but point blank on a pretty good roll.

Use what I put up as a base if you're gonna use it, and edit it to fill whatever roll you want it to fill.  If you want to treat it as a droid instead of ship, replace the Expert ratings(They're likely closer to Ace or better) I slapped onto most things, add a Wis and Cha, and adjust it's modifiers by it's levels instead of a crew rating.
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