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I have been looking at D&D minis at the different sites around the web on the secondary market.  They all seem to be fairly close to each other in their prices regarding the rarity of the various pieces. 

I was wondering if anyone knows of a forum or avenue for fellow mini collectors to trade with each other?  There are a lot of the rarer minis that I couldn't spend the money on, but would have rarer minis of my own that I would be willing to trade.

I hope this thread doesn't vilolate some WOTC restriction, but since these minis are out of print now, I'm hoping that they wouldn't see this as a conflict of their interests.

 Some of the places that sell them may have their own forums. You might also try CoolMiniOrNot... I dunno if they have a forum for trading, but they may be able to direct you to someplace that does.


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I recommend buying them. I got ripped off a few years ago for some harbinger minis (read expensive) in a trade that fell through.

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