How is Affinity played?

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So I'm thinking of putting together an Affinity deck. I've read a bit about them on other sites but I wanted to see if someone here with experience playing them could give me a rundown on how they are correctly played?
Honestly it's about emptying your hand onto the board and killing the opponent before they get a chance to set up. It's good because it's lightning fast.
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It sounds like its a blast to play! I like how it's heavy on artifacts.
Build your deck to dump your hand as quickly as possible (with threats), play smart, and win before your opponent stabilizes and owns you. There's subtle differences on how you play the various types of affinity/robots, though.  And be prepared for a lot of hate post-sideboard.
The secret to playing affinity is knowing your opponent's deck and what they potentially have for answers and not playing right into those and getting blown out by them.  I made day 2 at GP Toronto with affinity by being aware of the metagame and knowing how to play against certain decks (went 5-1 against Jund because I knew exactly what to expect from them).  Play tight against removal heavy decks and really put the pressure on against decks that aren't.  Pretty generic advice but affinity is a very linear deck and have fun with it if you decide to run with it.
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