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D&D Insider ArticleDragon 418

By Stan!, Jeff LaSala, Dennis Johnson, Tim Eagon, Claudio Pozas, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, John Hasznosi, Keith Baker, Rodney Thompson, Ed Greenwood

L et the tarrasque run roughshod over your campaign. Save the town of Hochoch in the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Deck the halls with wondrous tapestries. Build fantastic inns and taverns from scratch. PLUS: The return of the decapus, the magen, the rhagodessa, and the thoul. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 418.

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its good! i recommend them trying to do a better job of making it visible to subscribers though. i would put new mag issues at the top of the daily dnd page when they come out; its easy to miss the way they do it now.
I quite liked it. I enjoyed the History Check on the Tarrasque and the Bestiary of Ye Olde Creatures Catalogue, fun to see Thouls back in here. The Greyhawk Backdrop: Hochoch was really good and has a rather nice map of the city, but my favorite in the four-one-eight is the Inns In An Instant article to help generate Inns and Taverns names, bar keepers, patons and atmosphere with room prices and special menues for various Inns based on locations. Even gossips tables in there!
I expected a bit more from the new Tarrasque. It's a bit boring, no flashy or combat changing powers. A swallow power would have been nice, at least. I miss the reflective carapace, too.
I hope everyone enjoys my "Ye Olde Creature Catalog" article; it was fun revisiting these classic monsters and updating them to 4e.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

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I also liked the issue, the tarrasque is still missing a lot of his classical flavour (such as the reflecting carapace), but is much better in this new version and the other articles were fine.
I loved Shroomy's article, as well as the Inns article and the Tarraque History Check.

What excited me the most reading it though was next month's Dragon, which will have PLAYABLE HOBGOBLINS in it. 

Whoever said player content in DDi was dead…

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Well...this month was very underwhelming...it is also sad that Wondrous Weavings is the only crunch article this month (wish is actually the only surprise i got this month)

I am surprised of a winning races next month...thought i don't expect that much, if anything at all at this point...the glory days of DDI content are long gone and i don't expect it to return any time...i don't expect much of the fan submited articles that will probably start to appear, i haven't heard that many people getting interested on that one with the "no crunch submit"...
 I miss the reflective carapace, too.

Me, too!  When writing the tarrasque's History Check article, I lamented that 4E didn't include the near-immunity the tarrasque used to enjoy due to its spikey shell armor. Even 3rd Edition had something like that. And I really wanted to talk about that...but current articles must favor 4E lore. Which, by and large, is still quite cool.  

And yeah, I dig the inns article.  And your Creature Catalogue, Tim!

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