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a strictly casual list i came up with on the fly last night that actually worked quite well. I'll go ahead say its got an unlimited budget because its probably only ever gonna be a cockatrice list. I only got to test it against a artifact combo deck that might have been a bad affinity deck, but when i landed an early storm cauldron my opponent never got on line and it was just a beating from there. So im happy with it, but do u guys see any thing i missed? 
evolving wild or terramorphic expanse might be a good way to play 2 lands in one turn, maybe get tilling treefolk to get em back or crucible of worlds if you have money to burn
seems wobbly...if it works it will indeed be obnoxious. i dont think you will find it too consistent in further testing though...
Harrow and/or Jund Panorama would work well in this deck also. If you can afford it, maybe try and acquire a Primeval Titan. Now, THAT would be obnoxious.
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