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Hello all,

I need a bit of clarification about Defender Aura. The text says "an enemy takes a - 2 penalty to attack rolls when it makes an attack that does not include among its targets either you or an ally of your that has this aura active". We interpret that this means you or another knight that has his/her own Defender Aura active, not any ally that enter defender's aura. Is this correct? Same for Battle Guardian, right?

Thanks all!


Enemies within the aura take the penalty and punishment if they make attacks that do not include you or allies of yours who have a Defender Aura.  If the enemy attacks one of your allies, and that attacks doesn't include you, that attack is penalised to hit, and you get to punish the enemy for making it.
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Well clarified, thank you!


It's you or any ally that has their own Defender Aura, not just any ally that happens to be IN your Defender Aura.

Also keep in mind that Defender Auras DO NOT MARK enemies.  Being Marked and being in a Defender Aura are virtually identical, but they're two different things so game elements that affect Marked enemies do not affect enemies in Defender Auras.  As a matter of fact, if an enemy is Marked, Defender Auras do not apply to them at all - the Mark takes precedence.

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