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Currently i've been testing a B/G deck that uses its graveyard as a resource. Need your comments and suggestions. here is the current list...

Updated (2/12/13)

4 - Overgrown Tomb
4 - Woodland Cemetery
6 - Forest
6 - Swamp

4 - Deathrite Shaman
4 - Ulvenwald Tracker
4 - Lotleth Troll
4 - Boneyard Wurm
4 - Dreg Mangler
4 - Splinterfright
2 - Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
2 - Disciple of Bolas
4 - Ghoultree

1 - Golgari Charm
3 - Mulch
4 - Grisly Salvage

4 - Knight of Infamy
4 - Abrupt Decay 
3 - Golgari Charm
2 - Vraska the Unseen
2 - Garruk, Primal Hunter
More lands. I'd run 21-22 I'd probably cut 2 copies of Jarad  and then look at cutting down on boneyard wurm, who I've never been that happy with in trying to run similar decks... 
Cut Jarad, fewe ghoultree, main-deck vampire nighthawk, run avacyn's pilgrim, arbor elf, scorned villager for the extra bodies in place of extyra land.

If you had more lands, kessig cagebreaker can win games by himself.

boneyard wurm and splinterfright are tricky, in that they have zero toughness until a creature hits your grave.  Right now, you may have to wait to play them.  Having a few 1 mana creatures that can die helps them. 
thanks for the reply.. what do you think about the sideboard... i just made it for those that be using graveyard hate..
after play testing for a while, the deck seems ok at its current speed which is midrange... im thinking twice about the nighthawk... they're are much slower than the mangler but they can take good care of fliers, plus it gains me life, maybe switching the disciples between the nighthawks, what do you think?

the wurm didn't make my expectations, its always the last to be cast and i cast it whenever i don't have any other creatures in my hand. Im thinking of replacing it with gravecrawler, it will speed up the attack and it synergizes with my other zombies..

im thinking about replacing wolfir silverhearts with vraska the unseen, but i havn't playtested it yet....

I inserted the golgari charms on the sideboard cause it gets predator ooze and falkenrath aristocrat...
If its a scavenge deck why not corpse jack menace, double the +1/+1 is pretty good.
nah,... this is not a scavenge deck, actually i prefer calling a scavenge deck a +1/+1 counter deck :D

this deck relies heavily on the graveyard to create a very huge creature.
Abrupt Decay is too versatile to be left on the sideboard IMO.  It is good against the mirror, and against most white decks that run Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere

Other than that the deck looks good.  
Another good reason why you should have the charms in the SB is to counter board sweepers like supreme verdict.

I like the deck, the SB could use some work. The silver hearts shouldn't be in there... nether thought the decays... do you construct side boards much? or no?

You want to build it with blowouts and/or tweaks. Blowouts are things that are over the top against a certain match up (like tormod's crypt against a graveyard reliant deck, like mirror match for you or frites). Blowouts are usually bombs that crush whatever strategy the opponent had going for them. Tweaks are cards that assist your deck when you have a bad match up so that you don't lose horribly and can have a better time against that match up (ie adding the golgari charms to combat decks that play with multiples of supreme verdict).

Anycase, Decay is wasting away in your SB and could easily find it's way into the MD, otherwise it's just taking up space. Silverheart is the same way.

When you construct a SB ask yourself "when would I side for this? what would I take out for it? and most importantly, is this better than what I'm taking out for it?"

If you're going to make a SB don't just fill it with cards that "look fun to use" or you "just didn't have room for"... a SB is not so you can "vary it up from time to time". It's for helping you against certain match ups, period.

That being said, for a self mill deck this is running a little too few lands. I'd up the count to 22-23 since you don't have any form of mana excel in here.

How to autocard:

[c]Blaze[/c] = Blaze

you can also...


38 Relentless Rats

22 Swamp



thanks guys for the suggestions...

the sideboard is still undone, can't get the number right, this weekend im gonna play test it again after the prerelease :D 

the cards that will stay on my sideboard are

4 - knight of infamy
3 - golgari charm --- thinking if im gonna raise its number to 4 

im not still sure about replacing the wurms with the crawlers, the wurms synergizes well with the disciple, but the crawlers changes the mana curve and synergizes well with the other zombies... hmm... for some fast raw power the crawlers/troll can give will lower my defense/life gain or card advantage given by the wurm and discple... can't stop thinking about it....

i have mana accel in the form of deathrite shaman, actually the only card i use its ramp ability is for jarad... can't add more lands, it'll lower my creature count, mulch already give off lands, if i can get 1 land and 3 creatures in the graveyard via mulch, is better, but much better if i get all 4 creatures going to the graveyard. Most of my playtesting results in a 4th turn ghoultree, either its 3 to cast or 4 to cast. the best play i ever had was a 1 drop 3rd turn ghoultree with mulch back to back with grisly salvage.

any suggestions on the side board?

abrupt decay - i choose this one to take care of aggro match ups, not actually intended for rest in peace
wolfir silverheart - i was just thinking of a creature that gives raw power without using the graveyard.. 
knight of infamy - match ups against azoroius :D
golgari charm - aristocrats, ooze, mana dorks, supreme verdict, i think it has many usage now a days...

need more suggestions :D
i play tested using a set of gravecrawlers in place of boneyard wurm versus an esper deck... it didn't go well... the crawlers gave me a much faster pace but they became useless in the late game... i would still go for the wurm cause it plays on the mid to late game.. eventhough i can't cast it during the 1st turns...

i've been thinking about the sideboard maybe vraska the unseen or garruk, primal hunter... i will play test more...
after some match ups, i decided to include planeswalkers against control decks...
the planeswalkers availble at the moment are

liliana of the veil - this one supports the graveyard but if i side her in i won't be using the graveyard any longer.
garruk, primal hunter - creates a body and draw power, maybe i'll use this one
vraska the unseen - hmm.. very good removal even if its slow but definitely can make her ulti against control decks but not against creature decks.
needs reshuffling the sideboard... i play tested with a B/W obzedat, and that obzedat, ghost council really is tough to beat... especially if its a control deck... the gain and lose life definitely hurts + its a 5/5 body...

im thinking of using the new card alpha authority, using can get past 1 chump blocker. + it gains hexproof... i've been thinking of adding 2 garruk, primal hunter and 2 vraska the unseen on the side board. 
What do you think if I add the Slaughterhorn for bloodrush?

need suggestions >_<
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