I'm confused on how this might work

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I redid my werewolf deck and I'm thinking if this might would, would kessig wolf run trigger wild defiance?

Edit: Going to include decklist

x2 Instigator Gang
x2 Mondronen Shaman
x4 Immerwolf
x4 Kruin Outlaw
x4 Mayor of Avabruck
x4 Reckless Waif
x2 Wolfbitten Captive 

Other Spells:
x2 Increasing Savagery 
x3 Wild Defiance 
x2 Full Moon's Rise
x4 Moonmist 
x4 Giant Growth 
x3 Pillar of Flame 

x4 Rootbound Crag
x2 Kessig Wolf Run
x7 Mountain
x7 Forest 

Note: I came in second tonight at FNM with this deck and I had Ranger's Guile in place of Wild Defiance. Lost to a Naya humans. 
Only instants and sorceries proc it.
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So moonmist wouldnt do it either?
I believe it has to get targeted, and moonmist does not target the creature. At least I do not believe it does so no, moonmist wouldnt work. Try increasing savagery could be a beast card to drop on a flipped hunt master with a wild defiance out.

Worry only about the current. Think about the rest. And you wont have to worry.

I was going to use 3 wild defiance while having 2 increasing savagery and 4 giant growth in the deck. I'm HOPING it'll be a one-hit wonder thing and be way to overhelming.
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