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I need a Bestiary for the Caves of Chaos and it needs to be for the play test. I some written out but are to lazy to finish it. Please help me.Cry


What Tech-Priest is trying to say is...
Please stop asking for copywritten material on this forum.

This was discovered in a different thread.  He is not asking just for names.  He's asking for stats and everything posted on the names too. 

OP, I understand that you don't have money, and want to participate in a D&D game without paying.  I really sympathize.  But you are asking in the official forums for the company that makes the game.  If anybody said anything that would point at where to download any of the game information for free, they would be banned from this forum.  Find another forum for it please.
I am not asking for copy written materiel. I am asking if any one TYPED one up and if I can use it. Also Tech-Priest you are a troll stop posting on my forums. It is for the play test and would not violate any copy-writes as I am using a free PDF for a free product that wizards of the coast provided. what they did not provide was a bestiary for the play-test material. while they did provide a 54 page bestilary I am just asking for one that has only the monsters for the Caves of Chaos 


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Playtest material is available on PDF, free of charge, from WotC. 

EDIT: Harrassment and personal insults are against the CoC. 
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I am asking if any one TYPED one up and if I can use it.

AGAIN.  That is illegal.
I've cleaned up some content in this thread due to personal attacks and name-calling - that is always a violation of the Code of Conduct ( ).

Keep it civil, friendly, and if you do find a violation of the CoC, report it, and it will be investigated - there's no need for vitriol on the boards at any time. 
Off the top of my head

The Humanoids

Clan of Kobolds
Clan of Goblins
Clan of Hobgoblins
Orcs (2 groups)
Clan of Bugbears
Clan of Ogres?
Clan of Gnolls

Note on clan chieftans: each contributed a +2 ML bonus so these would be Leaders with Leadership Skill Bonuses to contribute sufficient authority.

The Church of Evil Chaos

30 Skeletons (with protection from turning amulets)
20 Zombies (with protection from turning amulets) 
10 Cultists
Evil High Priest

Chick with snakes for hair...

Hostages & Prisoners

Merchant & Wife
4 Guardsmen
A Warrior who is insane
A Heroic Bugbear (Call him Chaotic Good)
Assorted others

I think that is it...
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