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Hi all.  New player here.

I've been playing DC with my son over the past couple weeks.  We have the Drow, Goblins, and Heroes releases thus far.

The Goblins have yet to win a match at this point.  It seems like their order cards at subpar compared to the other sets.  They are 0-4 versus the Drow and Heroes.

Can someone please provide some basic strategies when playing the Goblins?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Goblins straight out of the box are indeed somewhat weaker, especially compared to the Drow who have a pretty good starter box.

Basic strategies for the Goblins....hmm....well, make sure to make a proper mob and don't "split the party". Use wolves for treasures, keep your Cutters and Archers near something more solid. Try to make good use of their abilities, for example: don't activate your Cutters first to attack, but wait until your enemy has tapped (maybe to prevent some damage, or maybe because he was attacked by either a Wolf or the Horned Demon, which both tap their targets if the attack was succesful if I remember correctly. Try to time the attacks of your Hobgoblin Berserker so that he is the one making the killing blow, thus untapping and getting another shot (hopefully there's someone adjacent or you have some method of moving left). It's all these little things that require some planning and thought, but if done properly will make a much more effective warband. And one of the more interesting ones too in my opinion.

Once you've mastered all the above, try your hand at setting up the most effective Goblin Warcry possible. This card can be devestatingly good if executed correctly. Although I have to admit that with just the one starter box it is somewhat less awesome than in a custom constructed goblin warband.
Thanks for info, Palpster.  My son and I will be playing tonight, so I'm going take your advice and give it a go.
The goblins deck  has a couple of intelligence based cards that only the devil and the hobgoblin sorcerer can use. These cards tend to clog up your hand when you need other types of order cards.

However there is an easy fix. The rules state that an order deck need only contain thirty cards, therefore you can take 6 cards out of the deck and still meet this requirement.

I always remove portal stone, that scroll order, and the other intelligence based cards and this goes a long way towards making the deck more effective.

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Again, thanks for all the strategy tips.  My Goblins finally beat my son's Drow last evening.  I was careful to keep my party together, which made a huge difference.  I also made sure to attack in the order to best utilize each monster's specialty.  I also stayed close to my starting zone and let the Drow come to me - since they have crazy speed. 

Darth, wasn't aware about reducing the deck size.  Thanks.   
The goblins are easily my favourite faction - I just have a thing for little green crazy-people. :D

I've had a really good run against both Drow and Cormyr using just goblins and wolves as skirmishers. The wolf's tapping attack is horrible in combination with the cutters, and having them all in there along with a champion and an archer doing 20 damage in support is enough to wipe out pretty-much any single target in a single round. I play them in much the same way as one might the drow - dispersed formation that then darts in like a wolf pack to pick off isolated targets before dispersing again. I'm also not at all averse to using cower against low-damage attacks. Keeping them alive in the thick of things to do another round of damage is can make all the difference in a game, and cowering just seems like such a gobbish sorta thing to do!

I tend to play the other creatures in the faction - the brutes I guess, as lone shock troops that run in from behind to deliver huge damage, staying alive just long enough to kill something bigger. These guys are all about glorious death in battle, with whelps being told tales of how you ripped that Copper Dragon's head off long after you're gone. So I'm not afraid to lose creatures - sometimes to the point of recklessness, as long as I always come out ahead on morale.

Finally, I see the goblins as being all about the mob - thuggish little gremlins in the thrall of whatever charismatic overlord is currently pulling their strings. Forward the Horde, Death Sentence and other charisma-based cards are vital to my overall game, and I try to always have at least one level 3+ unit with Charisma directing things from the back lines.

My usual strategy doesn't seem to be working nearly as well against the undead, especially when under the command of the necromancer. The undead profit directly from the goblins dying in the leadership bonus they receive, and as brave as my little tyrants are, recklessly throwing themselves at the enemy is not proving a winning strategy. I've had some success reversing the order of my tactics - I send the brutes in first to take damage and then dart in with the skirmishers (using Forward the Horde to keep them out of range till I do) to quickly kill off as many undead as I can. It's still too early to say it's a good strategy, but it does seem a better one. Now if only I could find a way to resist Fear and Horror - the undead players around here love using those to mess up my lines, push my units into thorn bushes and even send my troll running for dear life. >_<
Hey geekgrrrl,

My son got the Undead for Christmas.  So I'm sure we'll be playing throughout this week.  Looking forward to giving the Goblins a go against the nonliving monsters.  Thanks for posting your well-written strategies.  No doubt, I'm finding the Goblins the more complicated of the releases, but also the most fun once I learned how to direct them.

Really loving this game.  Hope more releases are introduced throughout 2013.     
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