Heroes of the Realm Goes Into Open Beta Dec 13th


Heroes of the Realm is a browser-based online card-based fighting game where players need to build an army of card heroes, which can be obtained through the battle against players or NPCs or purchased from the store, to fight for glory and dominance. Anyone interested can get the open beta VIP keys at contest.bbgsite.com/giveaway/heroes_of_t....

1. Over 350 unique heroes to do battle and collect
2. Build and strengthen your unique kingdom, made in YOUR image
3. Customize formations, hero squads, AI settings and more to maximize strategy in battle
4. Engage other players in PvP combat in arena and colosseum
5. Use enchantment cards and combine heroes to unlock special heroes that can be used to turn the tides of war
6. Instant Play! Browser-based game means big adventure and strategy without a big download (or any download for that matter)