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I have a Witchbane Orb        on the field.  My son has a Jace out that discards all kinds of cards.  My understanding is that the Witchbane stops the discarding from happening.  Does the Witchbane stop all Planeswalker abilties?  He also had another enchantment out (not sure which one) but it was when target land is tapped put the top three cards into the graveyard.  Would Witchbane block that?  We're just kinda confused on what Witchbane will stop and what it will not.  Thanks for any help you can give me.
I assume you mean Jace, Memory Adept and Chronic Flooding.

Witchbane Orb will stop your son from using any of Jace's three abilities to target you. He can still activate those abilities if he targets himself though.

Witchbane Orb does not affect Chronic Flooding. Its ability does not target.
It will only stop things that actually use the word "Target"

I'm not sure what the exact wording on the Jace is.  But the Aura that causes you to mill targets the land when it is cast, but the mill ability doesn't target anything.

if it is Jace, Memory Adept the all three abilities target, though your opponent will probably not target you with the third ability.
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Hexproof prevents you from being targeted by an opponent's spell or ability. A spell or ability only targets something if the word "target" appears in its text.

Chronic Flooding does not target you, it targets a land as it's being cast. Once it's on the battlefield, it never targets anything.

Jace Beleren's second and third abilities target, but the first does not. All three of JMA's abilities target.

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Awesome.  Thanks for the replies.  It's much appreciated!  And yes I mean Jace, Memory Adept and Chronic Flooding
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