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I'm gearing up for a sandbox game that will likely focus on the undead. I'm curious if there are any Paragon Paths, feat selections, or the like that might focus a Druid on fighting the undead. Even though the Cleric and Paladin are the standard undead warriors, it seems as if Druids might have something of this nature, seeing as undead creatures go against the natural order. Is anyone aware of anything like this and what book I might find it in? I have the Open Grave book, which has been of great help while designing the campaign, but it doesn't seem to have any Player Options for the Druid.
A single multiclassing feat will let a druid take any Paladin or Cleric (or other divine) Paragon Path or Epic Destiny. In case you need more options.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Er, whoops. I was a little confused by the forum headings and went, "Whelp, I'm a DM, I'll stick it here." This is clearly a player build issue. I'll cross-post there.

That being said, thanks for pointing out how multiclass feats synergize with PPs and EDs Centauri! I had forgotten that. 
MC something Divine + Pervasive Light was what they may have been talking about.

But if you know the campaign is going to be undead crazy, just use a divine class as base. 
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