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Im Playing in the Encounters season at my local shop - we just started last night. My driud sentinel (spring) took the fey beast tamer background for an additional companion. My questions are :
1 is this fine - rules-wise ?
2 combined move actions - may I take s move action to simultaneously move both companions and myself - or am I only allowed to move myself and one of them simultaneously ?

1) Yes it should be fine. You probably meant the Theme of the same name because the Background doesn't give a fey beast companion.

2) Yes since whenever you take a move action,  both your animal companion and fey beast companion can also take a move action. Alternatively, you can stay put but take a move action to command both to take a move action.
Yknow, that's what I'd hoped to hear. Thanks.

 Just remember to keep the different rules for each animal in mind. Putting a couple of beasts on the table that follow different sets of rules can get a bit confusing in the heat of combat.


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