Report : 2-12-2012 session 16:00 – 20:30 22:00 – 00:30

Report : 2-12-2012 session  16:00 – 20:30   22:00 – 00:30

group : Human rogue (me) skill specialist/charlatan (own scheme), Human mage noble/arcane specialist (battle magic) , Dwarf warrior soldier/survival specialist (protector), Human cleric priest/divine specialist (Our last member joined the session)

For which concerns the out-of-combat:

In this session we fought a lot, and we didn’t really do much more else. Note that, like we always said, for everything happening out of the combat, the rogue is too strong and needs to be nerfed.

We’re getting used with the lack of magic, and we invested our first money into silvering weapons, potions, and higher mats armors (somebody of us also “wasted” money into background/situational stuff, having money to spend for personal stuffs is a bit pleasuring).

For which concerns the combat:

This time we made 4 fights, with some interesting boss fights (see master report for details).We made 1 and 2 at lvl2, 3 and 4 at lvl3 (and ,giving in the done quests, we made the lvl4 end session)

  1. We fought a random group of bandits. Their attack roll was low like always, and when they hit the warrior protected. Easy fight, no skill, no brain involved, poor dmg taken.

  2. We fought a group of 4 zombie clerics (see master report for stats), and this quite killed us. Zombie fortitude made the fight random, as they passed many dc’s (the warrior protecting didn’t deal that heavy dmg, same for mage’s shocking grasp. The rogue missed a lot). Generally, I do “x” hoping that “y” doesn’t happen is not good, as a fight can easily become hard with a couple of >average rolls (and that’s what happened). We won in the end thx to the godly 1hp permaheal and giving potions to extra downed players (not sure if this can be done, master said yes).

IMPORTANT: this was the first fight we made against monsters rolled as npc’s, and the difference with the attack roll (they had bonus from cleric) was really heavy. They hit us so much, while other encounters never hit. “Perfecting” fights is not really satisfying, this one was the first fight involving skill and in the end it wasn’t like the usual “ok leave my way you crap” but “hell yeah, we made it. That was freakin close”

  1. We fought a group of beasts, a big snake and a couple of spitty things, nuked with some basic tactics getting low damage.

  2. We fought dark cultists. Panic. Zone of silence cut our legs (they were in a room and they made it 2 square inside and the rest outside, making line of sight for heals and spells really hard to get), inflict wounds oneshotted and such. It started  like “hey imprisoned hag, stay there while we clear all of this”… and then after only one round turned into  “hey imprisoned hag, we were joking, get out of there and help us”. No need to say, without that hag we would’ve been wiped away (we didn’t play at our best too to be sincere, as our cleric made a couple of big positioning and spell choice errors).

For the rest we confirm once again analysis part 1 and part 2 (and previous plytests)


There’s a HUGE difference between generic monsters and monsters rolled with npc’s scheme. Generic monsters aren’t challenging, while npcs one are. Also, as there isn’t an actual “how to build monsters scheme” generating monsters may not be easy for unexperienced masters (hopefully in our group there are a couple of players with 10year of master experience). Monsters shall have a clear scheme to be built, and generic monsters should be pumped up a bit. We also confirm previous report’s highlights to fix.