The Return of Tapatim

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Hey everybody, 

  I was previously known on these boards at Tapatim. However, it has been probably around 8 years since I last posted on these forums and I believe my account has since been deleted, though the username remains taken by the system.

So for the last very many years I have been out of Magic and just going through college and life and all that. However, the other day I found some friends learning how to play magic and I was like "Hey! I used to be intense about that game!" and I gave them some help. Then I remembered I was an extremely active poster on these very standard type 2 MTG forums with a thread I ran known as "Tapatim's Type 2 Deck Clinic".

After remembering that I was an avid poster, I googled my username and found that my Tapatim's Type 2 Deck Clinic lived on well after my leaving of the forums! Infact, I saw version of Tapatim's Type 2 Deck Clinic in 2011!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to return to the forums briefly to thank any of you who helped keep the deck clinic running strong and for carrying on any legacy that I may have had.

Maybe noone knows who I am or what my thread was... but in the case that anyone does I wanted to check in and say hello!