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combat damage is damage done on the combat phase correct? So would fog work oonly during the combat phase?
no fog just says to prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn you can cast it whenever you want but i would recomend casting it during the declare attackers or blockers step just so their creatures remain tapped  also it doesnt prevent damage that was dealt before it was cast
Combat damage is the damage dealt by attacking and blocking creatures during the combat damage step.  It is specifically the damage done as a result of combat.

Fog can be cast during any phase/step of a turn, but it'll only prevent combat damage.

Let's be clear: damage that happens during the combat phase is NOT necessarily combat damage.  For example, a Lightning Bolt deals noncombat damage, regardless of whether it's cast during a main phase or combat phase.

Again: combat damage is the unique type of damage that is dealt as a turn-based action by attacking and blocking creatures at the start of the combat damage step.

Edit - And, as Midlight pointed out, Fog doesn't retroactively prevent damage that has already been dealt.  You can cast Fog during your post-combat main phase, but it won't do anything at that point.
Hellrider's 3 damage (equal to its power) dealt at the beginning of the combat damage step is combat damage. Hellrider's 1 damage dealt at the declare attackers step when its triggered ability resolves is not combat damage.
Also, damage dealt as a result of fight is not combat damage.
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