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I can't seem to find an answer to this question.

In Tasha's Forcible Conscription the aftereffect comes into play when either of the following takes place:
1) Start of the caster's next turn
2) When attacked

My question is not about the first condition.  That's rather obvious.  It is about the second condition and the timing of the aftereffect.

According to the aftereffect rules the aftereffect comes into play when another effect ends.  In this case, Tasha's Forcible Conscription main effect ends when the target is attacked.  Now for the question:  does this mean that the attack must fully resolve first before the aftereffect resolves?  Or does the aftereffect resolve after the target is attacked but before the resolution of the attack.  If this is so, where in the rules does it say.

I personally think the aftereffect resolves before the resolution of the attack in this case because the aftereffect's effect has the target make a basic attack as a free action (vs a target of the caster's choice).

The other school of thought is it resolves similar to that of the "Other Actions" of the triggering rules.  In other words, the condition ending is the trigger of the aftereffect.

This is an important question because some creature's basic attacks can involve movement which would mean the attack that ends the condition of the main effect would miss if the aftereffect resolves before the resolution of the attack. 

You have the free will to agree or disagree.
You have the ability to act freely on the above choice regardless of the consequences.

It'd resolve as a Reaction.

Better question is why would you ever take this power.... single target stun for a Wizard daily? Really?
They could be fighting only solos, or have stupid restrictins on certain powers...
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They could be fighting only solos, or have stupid restrictins on certain powers...

Visions of Avarice is in the same book which is infintely better.

Also if you are fighting only solos, you don't really need a controller anyway.