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I need to know if there is a item, spell, or misc. that allows someone to conceal there alignment from everyone? Possibly even there own patron deity........
If there isn't a Wizard's created item, you could always homebrew it! I'm guessing 2nd edition rules where alignment matters, so I haven't a clue. 
There are several items in Dragonlance that allow you to hide identity.  What gaming system are looking to use it for.
however against a god it isnt possible for mortal magic to do that effect
Hey Gerrin, what items are you talking about? I know about various spells, but I'm drawing a blank on any DL specific items.
okay.....  well, the best spell to my knowledge is raistlin vs Takhisis, DC comics. 

Raistlin, knowing he was going to go up against Takhisis, found a dark elf exile, and cast a spell.  The spell did two things.

1)  All of raistlin's thoughts of betrayal was transferred to the dark elf, so Takhisis wouldn't sense true motives.

2) the Dark elf was mentally coerces to find Raistlin, at the right time, so that Raistlin can retake his dark thoughts back and betray Takhisis who was occupied watching Tanis and Ariakas kill each other.

Withi Dragons of an Hourglass Mage, the DC version may no longer be official, but it can still be a fun read.

IMHO alignment has always been a "guide" on a characters behaviour and motivations.  It lets the player know what kind of decisions a character would make in any given situation.  Is the character more concerned about self or others?  (good, neutral, or evil)  Are they individualistic and chafe under rules or do they believe in structure and adhering to societal norms? (chaotic, neutral, lawful).


Concealing alignment is like trying to conceal the morals and behaviours of the character.


I think the real question is, how do you let other players and NPC's see past questionable morals and behaviours.


A charm spell comes to mind...



There is a nondetection spell that makes it impossible for anything less than a 9th level divination from working on you.

I oddly had a dagger of nondetection once. I think that was galarion tho.

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