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Martial Powers(Fighters, Rangers, Warlords, Rogues)

Arcane Powers(Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, and Swordmages)

Divine Powers(Paladins, Avengers, Clerics, Invokers)

Psionic Powers(Ardents, Monks, Battleminds, and Psions)

Are there any books advancing Druids, and Barbarians, Shamen, Wardens, Seekers, and Runepriests?
Primal Power, duh.
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Seekers and Runepriests?

It is worth noting that Primal Power and Divine Power came out before Player's Handbook 3, so the Seeker and the Runepriest missed those boats. Similarly, the Eberron Player's Guide was released after Arcane Power, so the Artificer is also light on support. Heroes of Shadow did very little to expand on the original Assassin class.

The Runepriest received a new build in Dragon last December and the Artificer received a new build in Dragon late in 2009 (and precious little since then). Seekers and Assassins have received a little support in Dragon, but nothing resembling a new build. 
Thank you . I did not know of that book. And I will look up those issues of Dragon.
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