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I posted this first in the contest thread but I will post it here as well. 

Strategic warfare alt game ruleset 

An alternative to the simplistic grab the objectives or destroy all ship WAS games providing strategic targets of which there destruction effects the game. 

Core Premise 

Each side has 5 factories/shipyards: 

- small shipyard ( dd,aux,MTB,cruisers,subs) represented by a hsb 
- large shipyard (bb,carriers,seaplane tenders) represented by a hsb 
- oil supply  (4armor/10VA/4hull) litko oil derrick 
- bomber factory represented by fwd airstrip 
- fighter factory represented by fwd airstrip 

The Fwd airstrips and HSB's operate normally though there destruction causes the effects listed below (you can't build any additional ones in your build ). 

When the corresponding factory/shipyard is destroyed you can't build those corresponding units.  Ex IJN destroys the usn bomber factory , the usn can no longer build bombers (but still keeps bomber units it already has) . 

-1 ship can dock in every oil/shipyard/factory water sector to help with aa 
-ships can deploy on the shipyard that built them using that sector as a starting point for movement.

Deployment: large shipyard A3,G9 
Small shipyard A9, G3 
oil D1, D11 
Fighter factory A1, G11 
Bomber factory A11, G1 

Each side starts with 100 pts , every 6 turns you get to build an additional  100 pts . 

Class limits are in effect. 

The effect of oil supply when destroyed is all ships get slow + 1 and aircraft get + 1 rearming tokens.

convoy route control: a variation of objectives, place them normally but now they are permanent and abstract shipping routes during the buy phase every objective you control you get 20pts for. 
ex. If I control 2 that's an additional 40 pts in the buy phase. 

Destroy all 5 of your opponents factories/shipyards to win.  You can shorten the game if you like to just the oil supply and any 2 factories destroyed to win. 


Advanced rules (optional , just there to boost/nerf a couple units for balance) 

factories and shipyards are immune to the do 217 and condor range 1 asm. As well as the range 1 b-25 strafe. 

(optional) aborted fighters get a token, 2 tokens destroy them. 

(additional strategic targets )Before you build your additional 100pts each build phase if your force has no surviving aux's you must pay 1 additional pt for every unit you buy. 

Aux's get landing +2 if they already have a landing sa and +3 if they don't, all other friendly units in a aux's sector must be destroyed before the aux can be attacked.  This might make them a good option to try and take down shipyards with 
(ships with guard the convoy get +1 armor when with a friendly local aux). 

(optional) Using landing you can capture enemy facilities, you build/deploy your own units from the captured facilities. 

The shore bombardment SA is now an additional attack that can be made like landing though if successful (shore bombard # + 2 dice roll >= 12) it does 1 damage. 

MTB's get close escort. 

* The ruleset is pretty flexible adding things like night every 3rd turn or so and using the total war year system is entirely possible/compatible.  Same goes for storms squalls etc. 

: watch out for enemy bombers trying to knock out your factories, having defensive fighters helps prevent this and the power of air is balanced by the weak stats on the fwd airstrip.
sounds cool

Factory layout, this is an example you can do it how you want I suppose to fit your needs.  This is the ship deployment area shown with an additional hotz mat representing a land mass with the various facilities like a full fledged naval base.  You can have both deployment areas look like this or have some of them on islands spread out across the map.


Hopefully this has a shot at the 100 dollar prize being offered at the forumini 

Have you seen the Forward Airbase mini on Shapeways yet? Made by the same guy who did Commandant Teste, his models even have the name on the bottom in raised lettering.
Have you seen the Forward Airbase mini on Shapeways yet? Made by the same guy who did Commandant Teste, his models even have the name on the bottom in raised lettering.

yeah I have they are pretty sweet I have it on my to get list on my next shapeways purchase.

I like it.  One of the games we played would have benefited from this.  We played a game where at the end of each engagement, the player would receive a number of repair points that could be applied to damaged or crippled ships (suddenly, it was worthwhile to pull a seriously damaged ship out of the engagement so we had fewer all or nothing games) at the rate of 1 point per damage point.   In our case, since we were using historical engagements as a guide, sort of advancing through them as if it were a tournement with pre-selected pieces, we did not use a set number of points for new builds as you have done here, rather, players advanced to the next historical engagement but always had the option to add one additional unit from previous actions that survived (and conversely, if the historical engagement included a ship that you had already lost in a previous engagement, you were a ship short!).

I could see that adding hard targets to this could have made it more interesting.  Another variation on lose of fuel supply would be that two (three?) smaller ships or one larger ship are placed on the board near your coastline but they can not move for lack of fuel while the other ships are not so restricted.  The slow works also, it would simulate that everyone is stuck at cruise speed.  You could give the player a choice of either method depending on how the player wanted to save fuel.  Although the stuck ships would not help in surface engagements, they could draw off aircraft and act as stationary batteries if the enemy fleet drew in close to the coast.

Of course if you wanted to be historical, the Germans would probably have a further penalty.  Their ships were gas hogs.   By example, the CA Norfolk used about 2.9 tons of fuel per hour at 12 kts and 31.5 tons at 28 kts.  The Prince Eugen used 15 tons of fuel per hour at 12 kts and 66 tons of fuel per hour at 28 kts (probably the worst fuel consumption in the war!). German DDs also tended to gulp fuel, though German battleships were closer to typical fuel consumption as compared to other nations.  But perhaps that is too much detail.
I haven't got to play test it yet with my Was group so there may be some tinkering that is needed or different variations you can use for things like the loss of a sides oil supply, penalizing specific historical nations could work in peoples individual games as an optional thing but it is probably too much detail for the general rules . 

Funnily enough my original idea for this was pretty crazy i wanted to do a strategic bombing air game with was air units and rules but very little naval focus with targets and map having factories cities and other targets stretched across a mostly land hotz mat (with railroads, and roads across it as well).

The forumini contest made me alter it to be more was based and having strategic targets that effect the battle is something that there isn't any of in was so i thought that would be a fun change of pace from regular destroy all other ships or get the objective games .

Laying it out like the excellent total war scenario someone made fits it well and gives  it a pseudo campaign feel, plus being able to affect your opponents war production is something different.

Hopefully it does well in the contest since I think it's pretty unique and does some interesting things and can be adjusted to suit what people want.
I got to playtest this yesterday I thought it was pretty good my opponent though didn't quite grasp a few things so he got pummelled bad which is unfortunate:

its similar to a regular no point no objective game where air is important so at the very least you need fighters to protect your units if you don't you have lost which is nothing new for non objective games.  I need to try it again with someone more used to playing different type of games and scenarios where you have to adapt like darkness long distance total war etc.  
Maybe consider adding something someone I played with this suggested to get aux's more involved.
Aux's get landing +2, all other friendly units in a aux's sector must be destroyed before the aux can be attacked.  This might make them a good option to try and take down shipyards with. _________________Ships with guard the convoy get +1 armor when they are in the same sector as a friendly aux unit instead.
The contest poll is up if you like my scenario support Azrael's strategic warfare
This finished 2nd of 13 in the contest so that is really good, plus the contest playtesters found it alot of fun which is the most important aspect.

The op is updated with my latest version that has evolved from playtesting, I most recently played it against firehouse and it was a really close battle where both sides got hammered.

We gave the km double the landbase room to balance lack of carriers and started the game in 1941 with each 6 turn reinforcement phase advancing the year by 2 (to 1943 then 1945 next 6 turns).  Sort of a variation on the total war scenario (start in 1939 every 4 turns advances year by 1 reinforcement phase, game ends at end of 1945).

It was commonwealth vs KM , km got the early lead with convoy control point bonus and some lucky vitals.  We limited 3 copies per unit so nothing like condors/sunderlands got spammed.  POW Wales badly outnumbered on the board defeated Bismarck , scheer and s-Holstein all by itself while stukas and sunderlands tried to get through fighters slowly destroying each others factories.  Eventually each sides oil supplies were destroyed and the UK squeaked out a come from behind victory just before what would have been the 1945 reinforcement phase.     
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