Best way to get a fair amount of cards for someone on a major budget.

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Okay I have been playing now for a couple months with the Rakdos starter deck from RtR. I was thinking about trying to get cards to put together other different decks to find out what color combos best suit my playstyle. I am just not sure what the best way to get them would be. 

I considered getting a common/uncommon playset but I either have to go over an hour away to get one or order online. Both ways are a little more then what I want to spend atm after I factor in gas or shipping. I also though about looking on ebay for one of the bulk lots there. Then I could just put together enough cards from each color to try that way. The major downside to that is my short time playing does not give me alot of insight to which cards to go with.

I want to do it with the least amount of money as I can get away with but yet still get a feel for what each colors game play would be like. Thank you in advance for any and all help any one has to offer.
Do you have a local gaming store in your area? They often have boxes of commons and uncommons that you can go through and pull from for as little as 5 cents a card. Also if they do FNM or other MTG events, many experienced players will simply give away their commons, uncommons, and sometimes even "junk" rares after a draft is over. 
You may also be interested in Repacks. Basically a seller will take a booster box, open the packs, take all the high priced rares, then repack the left overs. You can usually get a box for about $40.
Welcome, Rogueplayer13!

If your intent is to play FNM competively, be prepared to spend money.  If your goal is to have fun with some friends, then look into all of the nonstandard stuff; even rares and certain mythics can be gotten cheaply.

I suggest biting the bullet once on shipping and simply ordering several playsets of cards that you would consider playing; check decklists on these (and other forums) for ideas, or use gatherer or another search engine to determine exactly what you want.  Ordering from one place is often cheaper (though can prove difficult if chasing certain cards) that ordering willy-nilly, though.

Should your end result be maintaining more than a few decks (some of us have over 60+ and enough spares to build that many more), you will need lots of cards.  That said, you may find yourself relying on just a handful of cards to support any number of decks.  For example, Preordain and Ponder are good in any deck running blue.

A shout out to Gaming Grounds in Kent, Ohio and Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. for all your preparation needs. - why prepping is useful, from one who has been there.
Start small at first, then learn what kind of cards are played and/or are playable in the formats you're most interested in, before you start ordering cards en masse. Like the guys above said, sifting through another man's trash cards is probably a good way to start.
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I wouldn't buy a bunch of random cards.  The fact is, there are really only so many cards that work in constructed formats -- even in casual play.  Buying a bunch of random cards is setting yourself up to have a whole heap of cards that are subpar for any deck.  If you really want to get a feel for how each color plays, I would suggest start with a monocolored deck and build it from scratch.  The most expensive part of building a deck is usually the land base.  Since monocolored decks can get away with using only basic lands, this isn't a problem.

If you have friends that have been playing a little longer, ask to borrow their decks to see what colors/playstyles interest you the most.  You can also ask here for suggestions.  For example, what colors are you most interested in?  What playstyle, fast/slow proactive/reactive, do you think you'd like to try out?

Are you trying to build a deck for play in Standard?  That will require a bit of an investment if you want a deck that has any shot of winning a FNM.  You may want to just consider drafting whenever you can until you get enough cards to start a standard deck. 
seach the internet for "pauper deck".  You'll find websites devoted to good decks using only commons.
The best common cards are overpriced, because they make the top pauper decks so good.  Still, you'll be able to find great deck ideas for cheap.

If you don't mind playing with old cards, this website (well, the Daily MTG site) had a regular column, "building on a budget". 
so basicly I need to do my homework and learn the cards or find the budget decks online to try out. I like to take the time to thank everyone for their help and input. I do plan on attending FNM at some point in the future but not sure when I will, I have to work those nights.

I am well aware of the fact I will need to spend money to build a deck if I even want to stand a chance. Right now I do like the Red/Black feel of the deck I am using even though it is sub par for anything except beginer casual play. I am looking for colors and combos that I could play and then I plan on seeing just how much I can put towards a deck.

Oh yeah one more thing how do I make the links for the cards/ decks you guys make in the posts?
Here is an excellent post that teaches the basics of autocarding.
Since you seem to be online, maybe Magic the Gathering Online?  You can't transfer your cards from real life to the online game (and the reverse, getting paper copies of your online cards, is hard and expensive).  But you can get 200 commons for a dollar (not the best cards, but all the chaff), 12 or more crappy rares for a dollar.   
For any unknown R/B deck in a casual, cheap environment, I'd advise at least running Lightning Bolt, Terminate and Blightning to see your deck improve drastically
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